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What is fam?

Word used by African Americans to show extreme friendship. However, this word is extremely overused and has lost its meaning therefore becoming annoying

Hey fam what's up?

- stfu

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Fam - what is it?

Someone you consider to be a part of your family.

What's up fam?

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What does "fam" mean?

A person not biologically related to you but one you still hold in the utmost regard; someone you trust with your life. Or just dat nigga walkin' down duh street, whatevs.

Random Nigga: Ay yo fam, wats really hood??
Person with Decent Education : Uh, do I know you?

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Fam - what does it mean?

And shortened word for you mate or your family members.

You get me fam!

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close frend or family

Safe Blud
Yes Fam, U Kl

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short form of "family" fam

Hey fam whats up

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Its not a word, get a fucking life

You get me fam?

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a nigga;a friend;a buddy

"Whats up fam"

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derived from the word "family" . referring to people that are extremely close; as if a family member.

what's crackin fam?

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a word use to describe your peoples. ones that you can trust dearly. someone you consider family

my fam wuz mad deep up in the club the other day

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