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What is squiggly?

A single piece of pubic hair deposited in public to be seen for all. This disturbing, curly outgrowth of protein is commonly discovered in areas such as a male's toilet seat in a public bathroom or hanging by a squiggle on the shower drain at the local Y.

Man I was gonna drop off the kids but there was too many 'squiggiles' (Pl. for Squiggle) on the seat.

I just saw a squiggly on your keyboard dude....what have you been doing?

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Squiggly - what is it?

It is an alcohol measurement. On the bottles of Malibu rum there is a “squiggly” line on the side. Squigglies refer to the amount of alcohol one has consumed according to line on the bottle.

I drank 10 squigglies!

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What does "squiggly" mean?

A baby or infant. It can also apply to anyone who is 18 or older and under 5 feet tall.

Lilith: Hey look! There goes Jordan!
Cal: If only she wasn't a squiggly.
Ley: We can always hope that'll she'll grow one more inch.

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Squiggly - what does it mean?

Something or someone that is extremely weird or not quite right.

Did you see sarahs new purple polka dot hat? It was so squiggly.

Theres just something real squiggly about Sarah.

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Squiggly - meaning

Any type of sexual contact

"I got mad squiggly at that kid's house the other night."

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Squiggly - definition

Cold hard cash, the paper variety.

I dropped some serious squiggly last night.

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Squiggly - slang

Someone who squiggles around. Dances or just attempts to dance.

Me: Did you try to do the squiggly?
Mike: I did not do that. I was dancing.

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someone who isn't straight

When he told me his favorite activities were shopping and manicures I began to suspect he might be squiggly

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A marijuana cigarette; a joint.

Pass the squiggly.

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On druuuuugs and happiness. But cyanide, the pots, alcohol, and psychedelics. Also, silliness, joviality, and general well-being.

"...People could come out, we can all camp, swim, enjoy nature and stars and getting squiggly..."

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