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What is at that?

At That Moment: A once in a year moment that a person is left to the mercy of nature calling... Unlike the normal calling At That Moment makes the person feel like they're letting of broken glass,hot lava, stink bombs,cold sweat & feet, the need to cry and the feeling of the first day you were born. since this definition is so long to explain it in a simple conversation and very detail it was shorten to "That Moment".

Tim: "Dude what happen you've been gone for 3 hours now."
Jake: "I had an "At That Moment" and met my maker in bathroom."
Tim: "speak no more I understand..."

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At that - what is it?

A phrase used to describe something that would/should be obtained

Person 1."That girl is so hot"
Person 2. " Go get at that then'

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What does "at that" mean?

wat u say when u se/hear/smell something helluva ridiculous

u see a biggggggggggggg female wit shorts less than 5 inches above the knee u say: dam im mad at that

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At that - what does it mean?

see look at this

OMG, you fell for it, jackass

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At that

A term used to show acknowledgement of something somebody was going to do or something somebody wants to do.

Stevie(drinking an Arizona Ice tea):damn this is dank...
Mathias(thirsty):aye...Lemme get at that decently fat.

Mathias:Gonna go take a piss...
Stevie:Get at that...

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At that

This is a statement used by smartass kids who just want to steal slices of bread from their younger unsuspecting siblings.when they point to some direction and shout 'look at that!!'',their siblings turn towards the direction they are pointing at,thus these kids steal all the bread and when their siblings realize it was nothing and decide to continue their eating only to realize their bread is gone.Then their older thieving siblings cheat them that ghosts had consumed their bread.

John-Look at that!!
James-(turns to look at the direction pointed sees nothing and turns back and realizes his bread is gone).what happened to my bread?
John-it must be the ghosts little brother.Mum will get you another one

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At that

Meaning you overcame what someone or something tried to do to you

*Steve gets punched by Tom...
Steve: "I ate that!"

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At that

When you eat someone out after you finish in them

Your turn. Ate that.

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At that

did a great job; pulled it off well; had a lot of success with something. Used by teens in the projects of Queens, NY, and probably elsewhere in NYC.

You walk in with a new outfit and your friend says, "Damn, girl, you ate dat!" or, you get a 100% on a test and you say, "I ate that!"

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At that

Besides the point

At that it also so happened that something else had transpired.

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