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What is squiggles?

If a sandcastle is washed away by the tide there is a chance, however minute that this sandcastle will be washed back perfectly the next day, this describes chaos theory. In the same way a member of the friendship group is squiggly, 99.9% of what they do will either go hilariously wrong or they will break something, but that 0.1% of the time they accidentally creat works of wonder. Based on the local folklore of Squiggles McGee in Somerset.

Adjective - "you squiggly sod"
Noun - "he is a squiggle"
Verb - "he squiggled"

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Squiggles - what is it?

The name often applied to the tilde (~) button on a keyboard.

www dot site dot com slash squiggle username

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What does "squiggles" mean?

Basically, the more proper word for motorboating. A tight grasp of a guy's head into a girl's boobs and then shaking violently left to right. Invented in Montreal, Canada.

Ugly girl: I don't understand, Pamela. How do you get so many guys to like you, without even trying?

Pamela: Easy. I just give 'em one of my signature squiggles.

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Squiggles - what does it mean?

In symbolic logic, "not."

Used in a highly sophisticated "not joke."

"The Urban Dictionary is really useful... Squiggle!"

"We should bring back the catholic monarchy... Squiggle!"

"I should do my homework instead of defining words in Urban Dictionary... Squiggle!"

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Squiggles - meaning

A scream that turns into a moan.

The girl squiggled when when she was about to cum.

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Squiggles - definition

When a married woman has such a strong sexual attraction to other males, it's noticeably observed. Typically white wives drawn to African-American males. She can't contain her sexual arousal and makes statements.

I noticed my wife had the squiggles, every time our young mailman come by.

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Squiggles - slang

A term used to refer to a mark which is not really a line, but merely a meandering trail.

A squiggle puritin will not consider multiple disconnected marks or a mark in which the path crosses itself as squiggles.

"He drew a squiggle on my head."

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Squiggling is creation in pursuit of one's ambition that follows a non-linear progression.

A squiggler is a person who does not adhere to conformity or follow established rules, someone with big vision and the bravery to take bold steps forward with the certainty they might not always be in the same direction.
To squiggle is to step out of a β€œnormal” job or upbringing to do something fearless and groundbreaking.

β€œThere is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less that the one you are capable of living” - Nelson Mandela

'I heard Amy just quit her job as a lawyer to become an artist'
'Yeah, she's squiggling'

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Being highly intoxicated ..

"Well Lad were you out last night? " "I was yeah, got pure squiggled" ;)

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A term used to describe a penis of unusually small and irregular shape.

Squiggles is a brave man for letting the world know about his condition.

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