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What is shit-load?

A lot of practically anything.

esp digestion or feacel matter relating to uncomftability of the digestion

"Man after all that Turkey I got six shit loads of brown carpet to lay down"

"I had to carry six shit loads of that stuff up and down the stairs"

also applies with vomit or the contents of one's stomach

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Shit-load - what is it?

Approaching, or in excess of 500. (For gross excess of 500 see: Mega shit load or fuck load.)

In response to seeing a quantity of wads equal to 500: "WOW! That's a shit load of wads."

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What does "shit-load" mean?

The amount of anything it would take to fill YOUR toilet up to breech the water level.

DAMN that is a shit load of SHIT!

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Shit-load - what does it mean?

Anything that is over 1000 lbs.

that bitch weighs a shit load

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A unit of measurment.
Questionably comparable to the size of one's shit.

I just ate a shit load of jelly beans.

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More than six and less than 29, of any object.

I see a shit load of deer by the woods!

You've got a shit load of marbles in your hand.

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10% more than you can carry at one time.

I can't carry this shit load of boards back to the truck.

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Many, as in, more than a few in quantity.

Here's how you count in the ghetto:

One, two, three, and a shit load.

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A corruption of the term "shipload" of antiquity, as described the massive cargoes brought into harbor by sea-faring ships. Through association to the perjorative "shit" (itself a corruption of "shite"), the terms "fuck load", "ass load", and "butt load" were all created, the user, unaware of the origins of the term, substituting one curse word interchangeably for another. Over time, the second half of the expression also came to be substituted, most often in cases where "ton" was inserted for "load", whilst still maintaining the previously-replaced derisories as variations of the newly-coined phrase.

In its "proper" form, the phrase would be hyphenated and expressed as a linkage between two words to describe a third, correlated concept (i.e. "shit-load")

Americans commit a shit load of atrocities against the English Language!

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Less than a butt-ton.

Man, I've got a shit-load of homework.

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