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What is size?

(verb) When something goes wrong or when something funny happens to someone. They get sized. Usually people shout out "SIZE" when they see it happening.

Originated in Palm Beach County, Fl

Tia got sized when crystal called her a good for nothing poor worthless duck in front of all her friends. Crystal sized the hell out of Tia

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Size - what is it?

circumcized; dissed; getting cut off in mid-sentence; often over-used by cocky soccer players

Mr. Goslin: Does anyone have any questions?
Kid: Yeah, what is a polynom-
Mr. Goslin: Moving on...
Kid: oooh sized

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What does "size" mean?

A level up/ get better / become and evolve into something that’s even more sick than the original version !!

Lauren: Izzie, I got a new promotion at work
Izzie: Lauren that’s size !!

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Size - what does it mean?

1. To treat someone with disrespect.
2. To take advantage of someone.

Why you sizing, I gave you $10 and all you bought me was 1 cheeseburger?!?!

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Size - meaning

To look dirty at someone (up and down)

Oooh dat nigga was just sizing you. You gonna let dat go?

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Size - definition

The euphemism for a large or obese person. Soon to be adopted by airlines who have to be careful not to overfill their flights.

"Oh man. Last week, I had to sit in a middle seat between two people of size. It was not pretty."

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Size - slang


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Size is another name for cool.

Oh man, have you seen Simon? He's so size...

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To size (or size-up) is to sum up or evaluate something/someone.

Person 1: Did you size-up the other team?
Person 2: Yeah they suck, we'll win this match for sure!

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usually under the question "What's your size?", it would be penis length to males and breast cup size to females.

"What's your name? What's your size?"

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