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What is ribbing?

your lady.
your girl.
your wife.

God took Adam's rib to make Eve.

Gotta roll yo, my rib just got home.

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Ribbing - what is it?

the term used when someone has been seriously dissed or boyd

ooooh dude you just got ribbed

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What does "ribbing" mean?

to make fun of

why you ribbin him

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Ribbing - what does it mean?

A particular variety of a condom specifically designed for "her" pleasure. Available in sheepskin, latex, lubricated and non-lubricated.

Bitch squeeled like a pig when I tagged dat cooter with a ribbed on.

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Ratio Induced Bitch Syndrome, happens at schools or offices where there are just a few hot girls. They get it in their heads that because they are so "hot" that they are too good to be talked/dated/played with.

OMG that girl has RIBS, i hate this school!

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To 'Rib' someone is to stab another person.

Yo Timmy got arrested for ribbing some guy at the park

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The act upon where a man withdraws his wet penis from the man or woman and proceeds to hit it on their ribs as if they are playing the xylophone.

Joanna took an absolute ribbing last night.

Peter loves a rough ribbing.

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The act of pouring bar-b-que sauce on your penis before inserting it into the female's mouth, anus, or vagina.

My girl and I were ribbing last night, when I ran out of K.C. Msterpiece.

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When Amanda jams her fingers into Michael's ribs for the purpose of her own pleasure by seeing his discomfort as he squirms and cries out in pain.

Amanda no ribbing! Please stop ribbing me!

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The act or instance of joking or teasing. See also banter.

Stop your ribbing, I don't find it funny at all.

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