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What is woman?

n. a female that belongs in the kitchen cooking and/or cleaning the house

Why would I clean my house when i could get a woman to do it?

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Woman - what is it?

Female. Instead of being used as a noun (A woman with red hair) it has become and adjective, used as "lady" once was (A lady doctor).

Julia Gillard is Australia's first woman Prime Minister.

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What does "woman" mean?

dishwasher (woman)

hey i need someone to do my dishes where is the closest woman

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Woman - what does it mean?

a dishwasher/sandwich maker

1:wish i had a woman

2:do you want a sandwich or are your dishes dirty

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Woman - meaning

A biological collection of polygons strategically placed in such a manner that, upon visual stimulation, would cause a male homosapien's penis to fill with blood. Said polygons include, but are not limited to, an irregular concave located between the legs and two conics on the anterior of the torso.

I tried to use integral calculus to determine the volume of the two conic sections that protrude off the chest of a woman. However, when I came in for a closer inspection, the collection of polygons stabbed me and claimed sexual harassment. The things I do for the evolution of mathematics...

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Woman - definition

Leading cause of life in humans.

Jesus was born of a woman.

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Woman - slang

the female half of the human race. different from man in a few ways
1. More creative due to more right-brained-ness
2. Slighter smaller muscle mass
3. The ability to give birth
4. Usually more emotional due to biology
5. Usually less sex-crazed, again due to biology
6. and the obvious

Women are equal to men, and whoever say otherwise needs to be put in jail.

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A cluster of molecules that form human female.

a woman, man and everything else are clusters of molecules.

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Not a man

I respect that woman.

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a female human

a woman is a female human

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