Definder - what does the word mean?

What is I respect that?

that thing people named nick say all the time.


Me “ I can keep a cup on dat booty while shaking dat ass
Nick “ I respect the FUCK out of that

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I respect that - what is it?

that thing that nick desilvio says all the time

Me “I can dance with a cup on my booty”
NickI respect the FUCK out of that

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What does "I respect that" mean?

I respect it

Oi bro I respect it”

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I respect that - what does it mean?

when you sincerely have much respect for something

when you need an ice breaker in everyday conversation

Speaker A - "Yeah bro, I'm about to hit the gym"
Speaker B - "I mean, I respect that"

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I respect that - meaning

What a guy will say to a girl when he finds out she's a virgin. It seems nice and he wants to seem like he has good intentions when he's frustrated that it will be hard if not impossible to sleep with the girl.

Boy: So how far have you gone?
Girl: I'm a virgin...
Boy: Oh, that's okay. I respect you for that

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I respect that - definition

A person that feels that something is respectable. A person feels that something is cool or good.

This word is along the lines of That's Legit.

I have to study tonight. "I respect that"

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