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What is touch?

Like Bonus, Lucky, usually said when pleased about something.

"I've just won a ton on the horses, what a touch!"

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Touch - what is it?

Meaning awesome, hot, the best. Originating in the suburbs of Western Sydney, circa 2001.

Nathan says Tom’s phone voice is touch; it starts all formal and strong, then goes smouldery and alluring.

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What does "touch" mean?

A new word all the young kids are using nowadays, meaning, tight, or cool, but used only in the act of doing something.

Yo bro that headshot was touch bro!

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Touch - what does it mean?

v. hit; lay; have intercourse with

"Let me know is it cool to touch"

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to engage in sexual intercourse with someone.

Diane: Take off your shirt.
John: My shirt?
Diane: I want to touch you.

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Word meaning cool/sweet/stellar/awesome/touch/etc.

Dude you're touch


That would be touch if you could cum on me right about now.

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Grace & style. Deriving the greatest amount of benefit from the least amount of effort. Dedication to quality, not flash. That which elevates an action artistically, and separates a performance from that of a technically proficient caveman.

1. Eric Clapton, Slash, and Joe Satriani have touch. Steve Vai does not. George Harrison's lack of touch is particularly evident on Revolution, where he sounds like a dying cat.
2. Jet Li has touch; he always looks like he is moving very slowly, even when he is moving very fast. Jackie Chan cavemans it; he always looks like he is at the the very limit of his ability.
3. Peter Line has touch.
4. Most new rock climbers have no touch, especially muscular guys; they caveman routes and burn themselves out, while the more experience women outclimb them easily.

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a touch i.e stroke of luck

like finding back of an earring in a sandpit

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synonym to kill, to beat, to rob or luck (touch of luck). defined in particular situations or chain of events.

1)your boy got touched.-your boy got killed-
2)touch him up.-beat him up-
3)that chain needs to be touched.-that chain needs to be robbed-
4)man he got touched.-man he got lucky-

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It's an abbreviation of ''iPod Touch'' because, iPod touch is a long word of course. 'Nd we're all too lazy to say the whole freaking word.

''Hey, what are you doing?''

''Looking for my Touch man, I forgot where I put it."

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