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What is so nice?

Something you say every time you see or hear the number "69"

"we have 69 hotdogs left"

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So nice - what is it?

mainly used in east london.

means being treated or being treated nicely.

person a: my dad niced me, g
person b: really what did he do?
person a: he bought me chicken and chips, innih

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What does "so nice" mean?

Used as a filler during a pause in conversation. Doesn't necessarily mean something complimentary.

"I bought that new Fanta today."

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So nice - what does it mean?

Average. Some good points, some bad points. Overall just passes the time.

Jason X was so-so.

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So nice

Its the middle of good and bad, yes and no, hot and cold.

1. How is your mother? So so.
Middle of good and bad.
2. Did you undestand this? So so.
Middle of yes and no.
3. How was she? So so.
Middle of Hot and cold.

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So nice

Signifing to not care about some thing that has been described.
But when said with entushiasm expresses great interest.

"Yo I got a new game yesterday"
"nice nice"
"Yo I kicked this guys ass yesterday"

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So nice

"It's so nice out, I think I'll leave it out" is a phrase used when stating pleasant weather. The phrase implies that the weather is so nice, you'll leave your dick out, hanging brain, because the cool breeze feels so nice on one's genitalia.

Man, it's 73 degrees outside? It's so nice out, I think I'll leave it out!

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So nice

When seeing a girl with such a nice ass, all your male instincts take over and you know you have to get some.

Steve: Hey, see that cashier at #9?

Kevin: Yeah man. That's so nice, I'd tap that twice!

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So nice

A nice lady

Shes so nice

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So nice

To express how sweet something is. A phrase that sweet people use and tend to add a wicked ring to it.

-"What you doing"
-"So nice"

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