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What is outta?

adj 1.: Used to describe a situation or person that is out of control or crazy.
adj 2.: Used to describe something exceptionally cool, usually in a way that defies normally acceptable behvaior or characteristics, or in a crazy way.
adj 3.: Used to describe a person whose coolness in a category is unmatched, and frequently impresses by raising standards further or performing acts of coolness in new unorthodox ways.

"Did you see that guy's moves? That shit was outta hand!"
"Paul Oakenfold is outta hand"
"That party was outta hand, somebody pissed in the bedroom and somebody else broke the windshield on his car!"
"That party was outta hand, the DJ was dope and there were hella fine girls there!"

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Outta - what is it?

When someone is wildin/ acting or speaking out of line/ acting a muck/ stupid

My ex is so outta pocket, he thinks my friends are still his friends”

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What does "outta" mean?

something that somebody yells as they come from outta nowhere.

"outta nowhere!!!"

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Outta - what does it mean?

Word used for when someone is out of line or acting up

Person: Dude that Danielle girl from Dr. Phil is just outta pocket,
You: That's what I'm sayin

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a highly inappropriate or unexpected action or comment by someone. Usually leads to a moment of silence, awkwardness or WTF-ness.

But what the ass, why is she telling me about sex with her ex-boyfriend on our first date? Rel outta timing talk dan.

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When you just paid all your bills for the month and don’t have much cash to go out and have fun with.

Man, I really want to go to that concert but i’m outta dick, outta balls til next Thursday .

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1-out of
2-ought to

1- Get outta here.
2- You outta know that I don't want you in here.

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A Slang contraction for "Out of"

LSU is gonna beat the Crap outta Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl

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Outta = Out + Of.

"Get outta here, little boy!"
"Wazzup, now get outta here"

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out of

get outta my way!

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