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What is pal?

Point and laugh.

An Internet acronym used in the early days of Runescape 2.

Check out that noob wearing full bronze!


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Pal - what is it?

stands for Pack A Lip, meaning smokeless tobacco. can be used safely in front of parents and adults.

"Hey Nick wana go walk around and pal?"

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What does "pal" mean?

P.A.L = Personal Alcohol Level

My PAL's getting pretty low right now, pour me another shot!

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Pal - what does it mean?

Parents are listening. Used when you want to share a secret, but you're parents are in the room and you don't want them to know you're secret.

Person 1: what were you gonna tell me?
Person 2:Yes, i do wanna but, Pal.

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Acronym for Pinch A Loaf, meaning to have a bowel take a shit.

Dude, I was on a conference call this morning and I had to PAL so bad!

I pal’d this morning and had great corn for texture, just like Ralph and Herbie!

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A nice way of calling someone a cunt but letting them think you like them.

Hey Pal.

I just saw Jimmy, called him 'pal'. That silly cunt thinks I like him.

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A boyfriend or girlfriend respectively who is also one's best friend.

Alexis, you're not just my girlfriend. You're my best friend too. You're my pal.

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PAL (Phase Alternation Line) Is the main European TV signal output.

The difference between PAL and NTSC (the American type in full: National Television Standards Committee) is that the NTSC syatem isn't as good in coloring as the PAL system but has a higher nuber of half-frame per second (PAL has 50, NTSC 60) wich makes tv images look more fluid.

These days tv's (especially in Europe) support both signals including a mix of both wich has the refresh from NTSC and coloring of PAL.

This system is also used as a country lock, meaning that sertain DVD's or tapes will only play if the system supports the signal.

"My TV support NTSC and PAL signal, it lets me watch normal tv in PAL and use my American game systems in NTSC"

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Pal is an american slang for ''Friends''

Hasina would never be imran's pal

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1. A good friend or mate.
2. (PAL) Personal Arse Licker
3. (PAL) Packaging Automation Limited

''He's no wan ay yer pals is he? A fuckin tramp onywy that bastar, nae doot aboot that''

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