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What is bc?


hotkey for build cannon(prot), build creep colony(zerg), or build command center(terran),


aww crap dude im gettin hit by 17 BCs!

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Bc - what is it?

an abbreviation for birth control

I think my girlfriend is on the bc.

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What does "bc" mean?

= Boner Coverage
Abbreviation used to point out some poor (male)soul suffering from hornyboneritis. Very humorous, very embarrassing if you are the individual. Victim commonly found with book, backpack, etc. over private area, or with legs crossed and hands stressing by the force of the arms to hold IT down.

psst! hey, i said HEY!! psst, look at at Brian! Total BC man. He's not going to grow any muscles by holding that little thing down!! (insert laughter of whole class here---->)

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Bc - what does it mean?

abbrv. for Bak Chodi.
a very commonly used slang amongst IIIT-ians.
refers to the pointless or seemingly pointless conversations people indulge in.

bc kar raha hun...
meaning- just discussing on random issues.

abey! pc mat pel...
meaning- hey! dont give me baseless,stupid arguments

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Bc - meaning

bc is short and abbreviated for the word "because"!

"English class is my favorite bc I love to write!"

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Bc - definition

basic chronic. This is a type of hydroponic marijuana, better than schwag but not as good as dank. Some say this stands for british columbia, but bud in the US is very seldom actually from there.

yo nig that boy gots some tripple-A bc, its not bad at allz

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Bc - slang

short for "body count" - a pastime when watching a movie of a violent nature, keeping track of how many deaths occur throughout the course of the film.

"dude, what's the bc at now?"

"56 and counting...and the flick's not even half over yet!"

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Boston College

Is not a college, nor is it in Boston. It is a university and it is in Chestnut Hill.

After BC beat Notre Dame, there was a riot.

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abbreviation for "because"

I put up my away message bc we were getting it on and I didn't want to be disturbed

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bc is an abbreviation for the word because. it's used in msn and in short hand.

"I wasn't in school today bc i was feeling ill"

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