Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Hey?

The text you get when she is angry, suspicious, clingy, or bored. If you get this text, it is physically impossible to know what it is about.

*Notification sound*Her: Hey
Me: Hey

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Hey - what is it?

Shortened for "Hello you spit fuck, get your ass over here and let me beat your ass until the skin flaps off." Or also could be short for "Hello, get your bitch ass, punk ass, bitch made face out of here and get the coke I supplied you with, Mutha Fucka."

Hey Carlito, I'll kill you if you don't get the stuff back by midnight.

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Video meme

What does "Hey" mean?

1. Common greeting among almost anyone who can talk
2. In Canadian is pronounced "Eh"
3. My last name. It's actually Hey.

1. Hey, do you speaka da English?
2. I'm Canadian,eh?
3. Jon Hey

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Hey - what does it mean?

Synonym for (1)"hello";(2)"Let me get your attention"; and (3)"You bastard!"

Timmy: "Hey! You're pretty!"

Timmy: "Hey! Check out my new Dead Squirrel(tm)!!"

Redneck Bully: "Yer mawma's sayexy!"
Timmy: "Hey! That's not true!"

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Hey - meaning

1. Interjection, an informal greeting.

2. Verb, to 'hey' someone. The act of driving down public roads in a lane near a sidewalk, coming upon an unsuspecting pedestrian, and hollering "HEY!" as loudly as possible in their general direction. Most effective if done with all windows rolled down, and all members of the vehicle participating. (Originating in Sioux Falls, SD)

1. "Hey buddy, how's the syphilis?"

2. "Jimmy and I heyed a kid so bad the other day, he fell off his bike!"

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Hey - definition

A modern way of saying hello and greeting someone. You can use it to greet anyone

"Hey you sexy mother fucker"

"Hey what's up wanna have sex?"
" hey how are you"

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Hey - slang

Why would you even search this?

Hey is Idk

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Considered to be a lot more flirtatious than 'hello' or 'hi.'


Guy: Hey.
Girl: Hi.
Guy: *Whoa, total FAIL!*

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hey is a way to say "hi" or "what's up"
the type of 'hey' horses eat is hAy you morons!!!

hey what's up!?!
horses eat hay!

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A word that means hello or hi. If you're reading this, you are either with your friends and laughing, by yourself and laughing, or bored out of your mind. If it is the latter, then might I suggest finding a better use of your time such as homework, reading things that matter, studying, or even tv or movies. Maybe even pick up your room and house, decorate (whether just in general or for a holiday), or bake or cook something. If you're in class, then try paying attention. If you're waiting, whether in a chair or in line, find something else to do. Maybe search Wattpad for a story, check social media, text your friends, or just do SOMETHING! Don't sit around searching "hey" on urban dictionary. Anyway, have a good day :)

Hey, I'm bored.

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