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What is fragile?

Delicate. Someone who is delicate is fragile.

The girl was fragile growing up, her mother made sure nobody would break her or her soft heart in the cold world.

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fragile meme gif

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Fragile - what is it?

1 The most awesome recording ever made by Trent Reznor.
2 One of the best albums ever written.
3 The ultimate Nine Inch Nails masterpiece.

1 The Fragile is the most awesome thing I've ever heard! Trent Reznor is a goddamn genious!
2 If you haven't listened to The Fragile: you've wasted all your fuckin' life!
3 The Downward Spiral is an excellent album. The Fragile, believe it or not, is even better.

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What does "fragile" mean?

Used to describe when something is bad.

Wrong use: That movie was bad.
Right Use: That movie was fragile.

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Fragile - what does it mean?

Breakable/able to break

This is fragile handle with care.

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Fragile - meaning

Pronounced Fra-Gee-Lee. Italian word meaning "Very Expensive".

Sam: That box says fragile.
Chris: You mean FRA-GEE-LEE, its Italian.

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Fragile - definition

completely emo and falls apart

My ex boyfriend started cutting himself so I called him a fragile pussy.

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Fragile - slang

Meaning something must be italian

Fragile? Why it must be italian

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Most common word written on box.

...andhere comes another fragile box! Be careful or else we are wiped!

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A French term meaning \"throw hard against a wall\"

Airline baggage handlers know the meaning of the French word \"fragile\"

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it means it can be easily broken and so it has to be handled with care

"this box of glass is fragile'

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