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What is paisan?

Paisano/Paesano/Paisan -Italian(n) referring to another Italian(n)who is from the same village or area/region in Italy.

Alfredo is a Paisano/Paisan also from (name of ancestral homeland-village) or region of Italy; as in Marchegiano (a person from the region of Le Marche).

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Paisan - what is it?

Italian American Vernacular English: a nonstandard form of Italian English characteristically spoken by Italian Americans in the United States.

"Yo Vinny, fogettabout clippin' Johnnie...he's a made man. Friggin' goomba whacked Joey-Lips because he's nothing more than a gavone."

Paisanics to English Translation...

"Vincent, you shouldn't consider murdering Jonathan because he's untouchable. My friend there killed Joseph (who likes to talk a lot) because he was an embarrassment to himself."

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What does "paisan" mean?

Paisan/Paisno- Someone if Italian descent that understands the significance of simply being Italian. Their fainikts consist of absurd shouts of loud individuals who talk way to load. This can be use as a greeting.

Joe: “ayyy paisano what’s up?”
Tony” tell Vinny I said Ciao, that man is my paisano”
Michael”have you tried Angela’s sauce?”
Erminllindo: “that guy makes a nice sauce. What a paisan

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Paisan - what does it mean?

It's a word that's used with Italians or Italian Americans when informally, but friendly, adressing one another. It means "brother" or "fellow countryman". Shortened from paisano, and is sometimes spelled paesan.

"Hey, paisan! How's the veal parmigiana?"
"Delicious, best in the city!"

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