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What is countryman?

A person who grew up in the country but enjoys hanging out with the city folks. They like to turn up, but they also like to relax in the countryside.

Synonyms: Easy going, southerner, regular guy, socializer, party animal
Antonyms: playboy, hillbilly

Man #1: "Hey, man, you want to come to the party tomorrow?"
Urban Countryman: "Yeah, sure, I was going to hang out at the lake and fish, but that can wait until another day."

Man #2: "What's that you're listening to?"
Urban countryman: "Country with some classic rock, rap, and electronic tunes. Country is in my roots, but I can't listen to songs about my girl leaving me and getting drunk _all day_. "

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Countryman - what is it?

A Patriot, a man of the people. Revered by comrades and respected by enemies. In early Irish history the word Countryman was used interchangeable with Awesome.

"Are you surprised? He's a Countryman"

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