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What is longer?

something that you can put at the end of your finger to make it longer, usually for turning things on from far away.

from the futurama episode in which Professor Farnsworth invents the finger-longer

"We need a finger-longer to turn on the TV since the remote's missing."

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longer meme gif

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Longer - what is it?

When you lube up a 20 inch long furby and shove it up the ass of the person closest to you.

Dave: what was that that just went up my ass?
Jermain: Don’t worry bro, I just gave you a longer Furby.

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What does "longer" mean?

a person (usually women) who had an extreme want for a penis.

wow, i really want a boyfriend. i'm such a donger longer.

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Longer - what does it mean?

1. Making your weiner longer.

2. Making your weiner longer in the shower.
3. Making your weiner longer in only half an hour.

In song form (to Battles "Atlas"):

weiner longer, weiner longer
I'm gonna' make my weiner longer
weiner longer, weiner longer
I'll do it in the shower
weiner longer, weiner longer
takes half an hour
weiner longer, weiner longer
weiner longer, weiner longer
gonna' make my weiner longer
weiner longer, weiner longer
if I've got the power
weiner longer, weiner longer
gonna' get her flower
weiner longer, weiner longer
weiner longer, weiner longer,
do it in the shower
weiner longer, weiner longer.......repeat

Mike made his weiner longer; he did it in the shower and it only took him half an hour. Wonder if he had the power to ever get her flower?

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Longer - meaning

Usually implies that someone is deceased, but may mean that the person is no longer associated with an organization. Potentially, the term could start a rumor that the individual is dead.

Customer: "Does Matt still work here?"

Worker: "No, I'm afraid he's no longer with us."

Customer: "I'm so sorry to hear that."

Worker: (optional) "He decided to quit last week, so he could go back to school."

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Longer - definition

Commonly used phrase on Opie & Anthony for someone who references a topic from a historic show.

"I like turtles!"
"Wow, you really linger longer!"

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Longer - slang

What my dick is compared to yours!

Well I sure am longer than you!

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this is not a word but i strongly believe that longered should be a form of longer as lengthen is a dumb word and its hard to spell. so essentially longered is lengthen but cooler. so start saying longered instead of lengthen.

it might be better if we longered the school day instead of shortening it

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Pronounced 'lon-juh', a longer is an Australian colloquialism for the erect part of the male genatallia. Often used in country-towns, as people in those remote locations often compare there longers to those of farm animals.

"Look at my longer!"
"No thanks."
"A clean drinker! I like that!"

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Used to describe how one feels after partying for extended and often draining, periods of time.

When asked how his weekend was, seth
respond's, "dude, it's been a longer"!!!

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