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What is Wow?

A term that people say when they have seen a pillow.

"what is it?"
"Nah mate, thats a cushion"
"Damn I wow'd for no reason"

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Wow meme gif

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Wow - what is it?

Wow means to be surprised, but to wonder why and how?

Wow that's amazing!

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What does "Wow" mean?

The most sarcastic word ever

Person 1: I just leveled up in my new game

Person 2: "wow"

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Wow - what does it mean?

Wow is short for "are you serious?how dare you. I can't believe what I just witnessed. Someone kill me now please"

*A couple out on a date*
Girl:"I love this place,we should go here more often..."
Boy: *half listening* "yeah,yeah"
*Girl with a big butt walks by*
Boy: *watches her in amazement completely forgets he's out on a date with his girlfriend*

Girl: "Wow."
Boy: "what? What did I do now?"
Girl:"nothing.just wow."

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Wow - meaning


Wow your so weird

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Wow - definition

A Replacement of friends, often with geeks online who jerk off 6 times a day, but they sound cool on the internet. People who you will never meet in person, but still take advice not knowing them beyond their voice over a $6 microphone. A drug for nerds who cant live in the real world, who fantasize about losing their virginity to a night elf. But we all know that wont happen, lose their virginity that is. A game that never ends, I wonder why its so addicting... I mean, you get so much out of it, all that accomplishment, like ZOMG I'm lvl 60!... Oh wait, where did my real friends go? Oh yea they're in Orgrimmar!

Matt enters the bar for the first time, Walks up to a girl.

"Umm, Hey..."
"I wish you were cos^2 and i was sin^2 so we could be 1"
"Oh don't worry about that, Anyways... In the Wow, Im a 3rd degree epic'd level 60, so umm, when do you wanna get out of here?"
"For Elune."

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Wow - slang

One of the better MMORPG games out there stereotypically cast as a blight on social interaction because of the behavior of a small minority. The reality is: the game doesn't cause problems, players do. If the average hardcore 16-year old practiced a modicum of self control and didn't neglect basic hygiene (unlike the rest of Wow players that know bathing, hanging out with friends and sleep are important), the game wouldn't get such a bad rap.

Fred: Elroy isn't coming out tonight. Must be that stupid Wow.
Jim: The problem isn't with Wow. It's with Elroy.

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Something Owen Wilson says way too much.

"Wow." -Owen Wilson

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An alternative to the word Cool, Kewl, Kool .... or anything along those lines

Saying Cool instead of Wow has been know to end you up stabbed by a person called Batman (No not the comic book star ... )But a similar real life super hero who has magical stab powers ...

That movie was so WOW....

What was that ? ... Eye Dee Kaaaaay, but it was Wow...

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