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What is hi?

Hi is a short way of saying hello.
-a greeting used when first seeing someone

Oh hi Jhony
Hi, nice seeing u here

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Hi - what is it?

the word you say randomly when things are getting awkward or boring.

*its been 5 minutes since someone around you said something*

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What does "hi" mean?

lazy way for hello

"hello john"

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Hi - what does it mean?

A slang word used in the U.S to mean hello.

Hi Joe.

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Hi - meaning

A quick way of saying hello.

Jim: Hello Bob.
Bob: Hi Jim.

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Hi - definition

a shortened version of hello

Hi, how are you

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Hi - slang

Hi means to greet someone.

Hi neighbor

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The greeting word you use when some has said "hey" but you don't want to say the same word so you say "hi" instead

a person you know: hey
you: *types hey* *then realizes that they've already said that* *slight panic* *erases hey from vocabulary* *thinks for 2 seconds* *plays it cool by typing "hi"* *waits couple minutes to send* *sends text* *thinks crisis is averted but knows that this will only keep happening* *cries inside* *question life choices* *walks out of room and talks to people* *act as if you good when really you know this dilemma could've gotten you killed* *sip drink*

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when you have nothing else to say


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you've just waited 5 seconds of your life reading this

hi, I wasted 5 seconds of my life too

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