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What is randomly?

What you are doing right now

Hey Bill
What are you doing?
Being bored and randomly searching google/urban dictionary.
What a sad existence

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Randomly - what is it?

Which is what I have done just now. I feel a bit more human.

Person 1: On Urban Dictionary, I put a ploppymoppy definition in.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: I hope I'll be the next Numa Numa, Leeroy Jenkins or Stolen Sidekick guy.

Person 2: So basically you are randomly making up a word in hope of finding some sort of never to be found fame?

Person 1: Yeah.

Person 2: You know that'll probably never get past the editors, dude.

Person 1: I know, I know.

*looks up at the sky and sheds a tear*

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What does "randomly" mean?

Some keys randomly typed like gjkgohkjeopvckiwkbvopsk.

"Dude, people actually study what keys people randomly type?"

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Randomly - what does it mean?

the act of something being so random and differnt, yet so original, any comments refering to it becomes a classic

Hey man, that was a sweet move you pulled on the dance floor, it was randomly classic

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something so random that you randomly say that it is randomly random because there are simply no other words to describe such a feeling. over random, use of too much random things at once. crazy, insane, too random. use of alitteration.

random person: i want to be a twig in a tree
normal person: well thats randomly random

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Related to 'random,' an adverb used by undergraduate English students to indicate that a verb happens for no particular reason or according to no particular pattern. The people engaged in the 'random' activity ('randomly running') may have no idea that they are running, _or_ they may not have considered the consequences of their act.

Your overworked graduate student TAs beg you to use a more INTERESTING AND EXPRESSIVE word than 'randomly.' Please. For the love of Pete, Dale, or Homer...

"The most recent concern about homosexuality seemed to arise during the turn of the century, around the time when couples were able to randomly get married in Las Vegas." (This is an actual sentence--I just read it in a first-year English paper.)

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