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What is emotion?

agitation or disturbance of mind; viament or excitement; mental state

Janet Weiss shows emotion before sleeping with Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picutre Show

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Emotion - what is it?

Something constantly getting in the way of things.

Girl: I wish I could just hook up with him and not like him!
Friend: I know! Emotions always screw stuff up

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What does "emotion" mean?

Disposition, just the correct non-copying form of it. Certain bands try to steal other certain Aerosmith songs, just they do it wrongly.

Elaina "sweeeeeeeeeeeet disposiiiiiiiiiiitioooon"
Kyle "that's not the song....."
Elaina "oh you're right, the song is even called 'sweet emotion'"

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Emotion - what does it mean?

Something women like to portray too much of.

Woman: I can't believe you didn't call me 20 times today! I don't think you love me anymore!

Man: *SLAP*

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Agitation or disturbance of mind; vehement or excited mental state. It is also a powerful and irrational master.

Janet was a slave of emotion.

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something that should be locked up in drawers, or simply kept in your pockets.

there are so many things i want to say, and so many things i feel, but i dont know if they\'re right, if i should even bother to try to bother and....*dies*

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What stupid people think emoticon spells.

"I was so pissed off i sent him the angry emotion on msn last nite"

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Energy in motion. The physical sensation that occurs directly below the diaphram, from the electrical signal that is transferred through the body, originating in the limbic system (amydgdala), caused by any number of stimulus, pertaining contingently to the individual person's circumstances.

When your "heart" feels heavy or light for a reason not directly associated with the cardiovascular system, but usually caused by another living being. (i.e. person, pet, etc.)

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An unexplainable thing that can make you do stupid stuff that you'll regret for the rest of your life.

depression: cutting youself
"love": having sex, therefore, putting yourself at risk for std's
anger: losing control
need I go on?

Emotion's can make you do stupid stuff

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1.A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling.
2.A state of mental agitation or disturbance.
3.The part of the consciousness that involves feeling; sensibility.

1.The emotions of joy, sorrow, reverence, hate, and love.
2."He spoke unsteadily in a voice that betrayed his emotion"
3."The very essence of literature is the war between emotion and intellect"(Isaac Bashevis)

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