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What is directly?

Usually this word is used to tell people to quit talking behind your back. It's used when people indirectly speak false facts about a person.

"Janette said that you are a dumb bitch" says Kim.

I say, "tell her i said bitch please come directly"

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Directly - what is it?

immediately the relation of one thing to another in size degree or amount

girl: your smexxiness is directly proportional to the number of tatoos you have
boy: really??? i'm going to get another..
girl: heeeyyyy...

your level of hotness is directly proportional to how little clothing you have on...and how big your boots are

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What does "directly" mean?

Shortly, pretty soon, before long. Usually used when directness is NOT descriptive.

Just wait there. I gotta go run by the store and the post office; I'll be there directly.

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