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What is betrayed?

A name used in the hood , to talk about a lame who tryin to roll like he hard but he really fake or a wanksta

ya'll seen that betray , dayem... dats just not right , dats grimey.

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Betrayed - what is it?

Also know for insulting astrodz and making him cry.

Astrodz, where my money bitch.. Im tired of pimping you!

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What does "betrayed" mean?

to plot against someone with a scheme that will get them to turn on you

When will Steve see that Darren had become a vampire to save his life because of a prank Darren did that went horribly wrong? He did not betray him. If Darren hadn't become a vampire, then Steve would be dead and Darren would have to go to jail for murder.

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Betrayed - what does it mean?

fucken when ppl hu call themselves ur "friends" wanna be fuckheads and make up shit to chics and other ppl so they dont like ya. ppl like this should have spears thrown into their face by Peter. See GroinKing

"oooo bri, peter said ur a slut even though he didn't say shit and i was the one hu said that"
"oooo dont talk to peter, he's a fag, just forget bout him"

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Betrayed - meaning

1) when someone who is your "friend" finds it their place to hang all over your ex boyfriend;who you still have VERY strong feelings for, and everyone pretty much knows that.
2) When your "friends" put dicks before their chicks (best friends)

Sally was betrayed by Kelsey when kally fucked sally's EX boyfriend.

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Betrayed - definition

The feeling you get when your at a party and everyone is quite the drunkness and the guy you have crushed on for ages is there and your 'friend' goes to find him to bring him back to you but doesnt end up doing that, so you go looking for her but then you find her making out by the fire with your crush...

girl- i feel so betrayed by both of them. she is meant to be my friend!

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Betrayed - slang

When someone you thought was your friend turns around and fucks your wife when you're out of town, and then claims that 'it just happened' --- for three years!

Mark was betrayed when his best friend Schaffer fucked Mark's wife.

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when someone takes the side of a fucking whore. yuo have known her four years other friends of hers known her longer and she takes the side of someone that she has only known for 5 months. that is fucked up

i cant believe she betrayed me for a fuckin whore

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Betrayed is when someone who you really thought was a great friend that you've known for a while, goes and fucks you over. And by fucking you over i mean he drugs you just to get a good laugh; slips something in your drink when you are already a goner. Then he just leaves you their to fucking rot. You wake up the next morning missing your underwear and not knowing WTF happened, but you know it was all him. This is when you realize that you have been betrayed.

"That mother fucking bastard what supposed to be my friend! But he fucking betrayed me."

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When you have been betrayed someone that seemed loyal has gone against ur will and stabbed you in the back.

steven betrayed me by not inviting me to movies.

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