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What is making?

To poop.

"You mind if my doggy make on your lawn?"

"Sometimes I make in my pants"

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Making - what is it?

to make something happen. to accomplish something. to "do" something. really anything. to get something done.

imagine if you're flipping through the channels and you land on a moderately decent show. but its not good enough to commit to, so you use the Verizon scroll to see what else is on while watching the decent show in the little box. you notice there's a celtics game on. your buddy, drunky, shouts "Yo, make that be that!" In other words, change the channel.

or... you just get home from work, your buddy calls you and asks when you're gonna be ready to go out. you say after you take a quick shower. he says "Alright hurry up. make dat be dat" Meaning, accomplish the task of showering quickly, so we can hit the bar.

or... you're wasted at the club, you see a hot chick just oozing "im vulnerable, please come fuck me so i feel better about my boyfriend cheating on me with my sister on my birthday." you say, "im gonna get on that" your buddy replies "ya, make dat be dat!!"

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What does "making" mean?

1. ambitious and aspiring, especially in a ruthless, exploitative way

2. offering and seeking sexual gratification or conquest

Unfortunately, when one tyrant falls, another is likely to be on the make.

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Making - what does it mean?

provide. Often to provide something that has been promised, but could just be a way to demand something you want or expect.

Make with the salsa, these tortilla chips are bland.

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Making - meaning

To penetrate sexually.

Paul: "Did you make in with that drunk girl last night?"

John: "No, just out..."

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Making - definition

Having Sex.

We Made Out Then We Made In!

Look! They`re Making In On The Couch!

> We Made Out Then We Had Sex!

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Making - slang

on the prowl (looking for a sexual partner)

guy1: how does it feel to be on the make again?
guy2: what decade did you learn that from?

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1) To reach a goal.
2) To have sex, in 80's slang.

Judd: "EMILIO!!!"
Emilio: "How's your attempt to make it with a girl from every sorority on campus going?"
Judd: "I finally made it by banging Molly from Tri Delt last weekend. Serious hogging."
Emilio: "Word."

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For people that can't spell making correctly.

I'm makeing a video that will get so many views.

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sitting on a toilet and doing your dutys

knock! knock!,I'm making!

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