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What is call me?

A YouTuber who plays games not to win but to mess around and laugh alot. He plays multiple games ranging from horror to vr shooters. He's a great youtuber who is also know for his famous characters such as: Jim Pickens, Grognack(GTA RP), Grognack(Fallout),etc.

Me:Hey have you check out Call Me Kevin's YouTube channel. It's pretty awesome and funny

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call me - video

Call me - what is it?

The creator of Jim Pickens

Call me kevin made jim pickens our dear leader

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What does "call me" mean?

"Call me" means "call me". It does not mean anything else. When spoken by a woman to a man it does not, for example, mean; "I want to go out with you". It does not, as the man often thinks, mean; "I find you devastatingly attractive". Once he calls, he has done exactly what she told him to do. She has gotten acknowledgement that he finds her desirable, which is what she wanted. When she does not take his call, and does not call him back, he thinks... "But... she told me to call her". He is 100% correct.

Here's my mobile. Here's my email. Here's my work number. Call me!

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Call me - what does it mean?

The two words, six letters that represents so much more than a period ever could. It is the dagger that ends confrontations and conflicts. Meaning exactly the opposite of actually "call me".

It is also highly frowned upon if recipient of a "call me" hammer actually calls sender.

Kevin: Man, I don't know why you think you're hot shit, I never see you pick up girls.

Paul: I don't know why you're even talking right now, last time you touched pussy you were crawling out of your mom, last time I got pussy I was burying it in your mom. Call me.

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Call me - meaning

Let's do it.

What my mom said at the PTA meeting

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Call me - definition

to call someone..using some sort of telephone (communication device before instant messaging)

erin said call me for some hot phone sex. i said no man.

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Call me - slang

Phrase used when someone wants you to give them a phone call at a later time.

Call me!

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Call me

girl's way to test how interested the dude is in her.

"Hey you wanna hang out sometime?"
"sure, call me"

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Call me

1) When a person is attracted to another person but does not want to seem too eager, and so makes the other person ring them. Ironically, this request does exactly what they don't want it to do.

2) What teeny-boppers say to Justin Timberlake at a concert whilst throwing a post-it with their phone number to him in the vain and naive hope that they have a chance in hell.

3) This is usually said by a girl. Said girl then sits by phone all day complaining that (s)he hasn't called. Problem is, they didn't specify a time to call.

4) Said at a rushed moment whereby the reasoning behind such a request is not divulged, and usually ends with a frantic handwave from the speaker (and occasionally a dumb grin whilst walking backwards)

5) Used in business/school, not always with words, but with the universal two-fingered phone sign by the ear. Can also be accompanied with miming of "call me" as if that helps when you're on the other side of the room.

1) *nervous laugh whilst trying to seem cool* Call me?

2) *screaming* ohmigod! justin timberlake! you're s fit, call meeee!

3) "Call me!" (at home) "Why hasn't he called me?"

4) *big wide eyes* call me!!!!

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Call me

Literally, "call me". May be said by someone who doesn't want to do the calling themselves, for various reasons.

"That was fun, we should do it again sometime."

"yeah, call me."

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