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What is chad?

adj. used as a derogatory term towards others. used on someone being a dickhead or someone being a cockey asshole. also someone who is a huge loser.

verb. continually dropping the ball. pissing everyone off. screwing up really bad.

adj. "stop being such a chad" "what's up chad" "he was beign a total chad" "that guy is a huge chad"

verb. "you chaded yourself pretty hard" "he wouldn't stop chading at the party" "he pulled a huge chad"

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Chad - what is it?

Smells like liquid ass he is very lame and bad a wrestling he like eating the other definition of chad, the poop in between the balls and the arse hole. He likes farting and cupping it with his hand and smelling it and also his partially bald receding hair line is so bad

“That is a chad. yeah He’s what you think he is.”

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What does "chad" mean?

Someone who is tremendously autistic.

Max: Hey Chad!
Chad: DuuhhDuh Duhhh DuuuDUdUu
Max: Oh shit, I mean Duuh Duhhh Du DuDU Duuuuuh
Chad: *Clapping hands ferociously*

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Chad - what does it mean?

A male that secretes an excessive amount of cheese.

Hey, did you get that cheese frome Chad.

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A slice of toe cheese.

Mmmm, this chad tastes darn god on my pizza.

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Have u wiped your chad?

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1. Slang for one's Scrotum, when stretched out prior to a tea bagging.

2. Large amount of Male ejaculation on the female face (Skeet)

3. In reference to the male anatomy, it is the area between your sac and your asshole.

4. Popular name, usually a Chad can be described as calm and cool. Most Chads know how to dress to impress and are considered sexy by women while being hated by jealous Haters.
For the alternate definitions most Chads are known as; Stretch Nuts , Splooge, Chode and other variations of the definitions.

Dude snap a pic while I lay the chad across this chicks face.
Bro last night I chad all over that chicks face
Guy 1. It’s so FN hot out!
Guy 2. I know I got the worse FN swamp chad ever.

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In reference to the male anatomy, it is the space between the anus and the scrotal sac.

Guy: Argh... my chad is so damn itchy!
Girl: Dude! too much info!

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The sticky build up found between the scrotum and arse.

Build up increases when the person doesn't shower or has had a hot sweaty day.

Person 1: Yo Yotty, take a whiff of this.
Person 2: Damn! What the hell is that on your fingers.
Person 1: I haven't showered in days and that's some of the wicked chad I'm brewing from underneath my fat ball sack.

Damn dude, have a shower I can smell your chad

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The region between the balls and the arse-hole; can be an erogenous zone for some.

Girl: I was fingering that part between his balls and his arse and there was shit there.
Everyone listening remained silent but later laughed among themselves:
'Eww! He had a shitty chad.'

When you measure your dick, you don't start at the arse-hole and include the chad; you risk getting shit on your measuring tape.

Don't be a Chad, wipe your chad!

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