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What is bojo?

A hot chick that's so crazy you're Better Off Jerking Off...bojo.

"That blondes hot"
"Forget it. My friend dated her. She's bojo."

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Bojo - what is it?

Sex god from the roman city of "Herculaneum ", this extremeley gorgeous male has a way with the women that can only be mastered by himself. Take no reference to the definition above, lies and deceit will get you no-where.

He is now known for his talent in the great sport of basketball, where no one exceedes his tallent.

"Hey look its bojo the sex god"

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What does "bojo" mean?

Bojo is a short term that one would call a blow job(when someone sucks a man's penis)

Say a woman who is looking for prostitute business comes up to you. She says,"Do you want me to give you a bojo? It'll be $100 per round."

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Bojo - what does it mean?

a small blonde human being or fetus.Derived from Boris and Joseph. Usually a bojo is quite chunky and models for photo studios in cottage country.

Hey I hear you are having a bojo! Congrats.

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Bojo - meaning

Black Out Jack Off

The art of jacking off while blacked the fuck out

We found Chad passed out in his chair with his pants off this morning, he must have bojo'd last night!

Steve is way too hammered to get any tonight, he'll probably have a nice bojo sesh later

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Bojo - definition

Slang term applied to students at Bob Jones University, an ultra-Christian-conservative college located in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

I saw a BoJo buying porn at the Lake Forest Quick Stop!

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Bojo - slang

A slang name for London mayor Boris Johnson, taking the first two letters of his first and surnames and combining them.

"Look there's Bojo!"
"Boris Johnson dumbass"

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A situation in which you would be better off jerking off, or #bojo.

I was going to vote for Donald Trump for President, but.... #bojo.

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Someone who is stupid or does something stupid, i.e. using a hover board on water.

McFly, you bojo, those boards don't work on water! Unless you've got power!! AH HAHAHAHAHA

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Bone Jockey will become a widely popular insult around 2014, then be shortened to "BoJo" in 2015.

Data: Hey, McFly, you bojo! Those boards don't work on water!
Whitey: Unless you've got power!

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