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What is Donald Trump?

He is a complete and total idiot, he made about a million promises that he cannot keep.

Donald Trump is an complete idiot!

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Donald Trump - video

Donald Trump - what is it?

A red neck who spends 25% of his time tweeting, 25% of his time shaving his balls with a corona virus ventilator, and the other 50% in the tanning bed. Cause of the end of the world happening in 2020.

Guy 1: Dude did you hear about the global pandemic that’s going on right now?
Guy 2: Yeah I heard it’s Donald Trumps fault.

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What does "Donald Trump" mean?


Donald Trump lost $1,170,000,000. He’s a billion dollar loser! (A loser in general)

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Donald Trump - what does it mean?

The worst president ever,His skin is the color of a fucking orange,he wants to take away America's freedom

Donald Trump is the worst President Ever
Donald Trump looks like an orange

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Donald Trump - meaning

This is my opinion, but Donald Trump is absolute shit. He is a racist ass, lying to everyone, who cheats and lies to get his way. Everyone should be equal, and all of his one brain cell is going to stopping that from happening. He has sexually assaulted multiple women, and gets away with it because he's a rich white male, and a lot of the people to make the decisions are as sucky as him. If you are reading this as a supporter of Trump, it's your opinion, but think of all the pain he is causing the world to this day. Not only is he racist, but he's also sexist, homophobic, and transphobic. And just an all around asshole. There aren't enough terrible words in the world to describe how I feel about this revolting blob of shit, and I hope he burns in hell. No, I wouldn't actually hurt him, how would I? But he is hurting so many. There are literally innocent children sitting in cages, worrying about their parents that were taken away, and wondering if they would ever be free again. Just think about how wrong that is. It totally violates natural human rights, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a better life for your kids. Of course, rich white privileged sour fuck farts such as Trump would never understand what it's like to feel alone, like you have no place in this world.

"Hello, my name is Jamie. I don't feel comfortable anywhere anymore because there are all these stories about assault, and school shootings, and I don't feel okay walking alone when it gets dark. I also feel terrible for all the poor, innocent children sitting in cages because their parents wanted a better life for them. Also, the world is fucking dying, and I feel like the white rich people with the power to help, should actually start doing that. And I can't believe my own country was stupid enough to elect someone who plays a bad role in all of these things, such as DONALD TRUMP. He's trash."

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Donald Trump - definition

A man who, during his 2016 presidential run, had the bulk of articles extolling him amongst get-rich-quick and lose-weight-fast articles, and were almost as reputable as them, too.

Donald Trump is an excellent example of why businessmen shouldn't run countries.

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Donald Trump - slang


Did you hear Mark last night? He was being real Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump

A racist homophobic white guy who puts kids in cages and rapes kids. Yet his trumpets are to blind to realize that. Also a guy who failed to make sure people are save from the Corona Virus

Girl-I fucking hate Donald Trump
Guy-Me too

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Donald Trump

A administration that terribly fell apart and separated.

Donald Trump administration terribly fell apart

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Donald Trump

The orangest man you'll ever meet

Donald trump is a orange

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