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What is ass hole?

Also called the second vagina.

Female Infidel: last night chris was really horny. But i was on my period, so i let him go four-wheelin' in backcountry. Now i poop my pants all the time cuz my ass hole is gaping.

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Ass hole - what is it?

my husband

My husband ass hole is locate on his face and he suffers from diereah of the mouth.

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What does "ass hole" mean?

An orifice that ladies and gentlemen use to take dumps and blow binderfenders.

An orifice that a poofter uses like a lollipop.

Miss Livingston looked both ways, then blew a binderfender out of her ass hole, which frightened all the birds from the trees. Miss Livingston said "Oh, dear."

Trent the corn-holing poofter licked Creighton's ass hole like it was a chocolate ice cream cone. Then he licked his chops and said, "Oh, how tasty."

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Ass hole - what does it mean?

a person who is so fed up with themselves, they have no time for others, The only enjoyment they have is making fun of others. They think they are really cool because they say big words (for them) like "gay" and "fag".

That kid acts like an ass hole

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Ass hole

A hole surrounded by ass;

A poliet way to describe an enemy or someone you have just met

Usually found at the back of animals,
often found where the mouth should be on humans

Also a place where to find a type of misguided donkey

Ipswich town GB

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Ass Hole

He talks out of his/her ass

I took that ass from behind

If east anglia is the backside of britain that makes ipswich the ass hole
(sorry if non of you great americans get that last one)

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Ass hole

Where Gay people go to show there love.

1st gay man: Man i love u so much.
2nd gay man: Dont tell me tell my ass hole.

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Ass hole

A person so useless that nothing good ever comes out of them. In fact, the only thing that ever does come out of them is shit. The ass hole occupies the lowest spot in the totem pole of all the human body parts, except for penises of course when they are put where they don't belong by their ass hole owners such as into mouths and/or the assholes of themselves or others.

Let's avoid that person. She is an ass hole. She is similar to that well known sphincter muscle which is capable of only two actions, holding shit back or letting shit pass on through to the other side. ok?

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Ass hole

A grave in which to place a Donkey.

Yeah, we're just digging an ass hole

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Ass hole

1. Anus
2. An annoying or obnoxious person

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Ass hole

1. a real prick. 2. a jiving, slppery mother F* who really rubs humanity the wrong way. 3. my whoring party-whore ex wife.

you god damned ass hole!

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