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What is See you later, alligator?

Used when saying good-bye.

You: See you later alligator!
Friend: After a while crocodile!

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See you later, alligator - what is it?

It is one of the informal ways of saying goodbye to someone. Apparently, this phrase has been derived from a 50's pop song. The person to whom this phrase is being said, says- 'In a while crocodile!'

Mark: See you later alligator!
Janet: In a while crocodile!

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What does "See you later, alligator" mean?

A silly way of saying “goodbye,” when you or someone else is leaving. It commands a response... “After while, crocodile.”

Originating in the 1950s, the correct response to “See you later, alligator!” is “After while, crocodile!” It is NOT “In a while, crocodile,” or even “After a while, crocodile.” As with most phrases and expressions, accuracy often gets lost through the years, like a giant game of telephone, so nowadays you will hear it said all three ways, but there is an original, correct way. “AFTER WHILE, crocodile!” :)

*Listen to the song, “See You Later, Alligator,” by Bill Haley and the Comets, for reference.

Bob: “See you later, alligator!”
Jane: “After while, crocodile!”

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See you later, alligator - what does it mean?

This is an old use and still use for this catch phrase to tell someone see you. and the answer for it after while, crocodile, alligator and crocodile were brought for the sake of rhyme.

OK, see you later, alligator.
After while, crocodile.

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