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What is good-bye?

Used as a responding word, like "lol, "lmao" and "omg I can't even". Figuratively meaning that your leaving, like you can't deal with what has been said.

Requis: "Sometimes I wonder when you'll stop saying "BYE""
Felicia: "OMG BYE"

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Good-bye - what is it?

When something you say can go both ways, either good or bad, like a bisexual.

Alex: Hey, I'm Bout to have this one girl come to my house, but I never met her before.
Mike: Really? Are you nervous?
Alex: I dont know man its a bye bye.

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What does "good-bye" mean?

what i would very much like to say to George H. W. Bush

Oh my god why did Bush get re-elected? can't i just say bye bye to that dumbass hick?

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Good-bye - what does it mean?

A pissed-off form of ending a relationship with a high school girlfriend by squirting sperm on her forehead while she is sleeping.

I let her know it was over with The good bye third eye.

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(tr. v) Occurs when you accidentally turn-in a DVD case without the actual DVD in it to the rental place.

Shoot, I still have the Good-bye Lenin! disc even though I turned in the case to the university media center. I think I'll just keep it.

That's okay, I Good-bye Lenin-ed! Waking Life a few days ago. No one checks the cases anymore.

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When you shit in someone's toilet and leave their home without flushing.

You took a shit in our toilet and then left without flushing, you gave us the North Dakota Good-bye

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a drawn out, multiple time given good-bye, intersected with stories, financial situatons, gossip, jokes, sentimental sweet nothings (depending on said company), and football or stock car speculations. so called for the American Southerners' likeable propensity for conversation and verbal virtuosity. it is a just another cultural moray on the continuum best explaned by the sentiment: "why use one word when a thousand will do?".

Southern woman:"i'll miss you. call me when you get there. drive safe"
Southern man: "i'll miss you too. don't worry i'll call. well i guess i'll see you when i see you"
10 minute conversation

Southern man: "well i'm burning daylight"
Southern woman: "yeah, i'm sorry you need to get moving"
20 minute conversation
Southern woman: "take care now. i need to clean this place up."
Southern man: "i got a long drive ahead of me"
15 minute conversation
Southern man: " what time is it ?" good lord it's 8:30!"
Southern woman": i know. well enough of these south carolina good-byes, i've got to get fixin' breakfast for the children."

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When you give a male/female that is leaving California for another State/Country the best pleasure before they leave.

I gave Christine a California Good-Bye before she left for Chicago.

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used when playing a video game; right before the final blow to the opponent{taken from the film "Minority Report"}

If playing Mario Kart 64 and your opponent has one balloon and no items, yet you have a red shell, it might be necessary to say, "Good bye Crow."

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A term used upon leaving.

Goodbye, UrbanDictionary.

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