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What is Mark?

One who is a BAD ASS MOTHA FUCKA. This person is often very good looking and usually quite daring. This person also enjoys a nice glass of scotch, and most closely compared to the badass McLovin.

Your such a Mark for banging my mom AND my sister!

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Mark - what is it?

He love’s his girlfriend and is caring about his friends and he defines love in some ways that you’d wouldn’t understand

Mark is a kind and loving person

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What does "Mark" mean?

The most sexiest, sweetest guy you will ever know! He makes everyone around him feel loved and special. I thank God for the day I met him. No one can take his place in my heart! Mark is my true soul mate. Once you realize that Mark is a God the better off you will be! He makes you feel like a woman in every sense of the word. I love Mark forever and a day!

Mark is the sweetest guy you'll ever know!

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Mark - what does it mean?

He's the perfect guy. He's a great brother, son, and boyfriend. He plays lacrosse (usually midfield) and loves anything to do with it. He's that guy that every girl wants, but only the lucky one gets. He's caring and dedicated to the one he loves, and is determined to keep her. He's somewhat of a pothead, but you can never tell because he's so incredibly smart. He does the cutest things for his girlfriend, and never disappoints her. He's a little shy at first, but he can make you laugh even when you're upset. Even though he's been hurt again and again, he never gives up. He's usually tall, has blondish red hair, and his eyes are greenish hazel. He's gorgeous, handsome, and really hot, but his looks are just a bonus to his amazing personality. He's irresistible and once you fall for him, you miss him every second he's not with you. Mark is a keeper.

"I wish there were more Marks in the world."

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Mark - meaning

he is an amzing guy. a great friend who always cares and he is an amazing boyfriend. he loves deeply even if he doesnt always show his emotions you know you mean the world to him. he is an all around fantastic guy and you would be lucky enough to know him. he is handsome, funny, smart and just amazing.

Mark is amazing.

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Mark - definition

The most amazing, caring guy you will EVER meet! If you are ever fortunate enough to have a Mark fall for you, don't let him get away!

Marks are amazing friends. They have a good sense of humor, but are a little nerdy.
You will never meet anyone moore fun, caring, sweet. They are simply AMAZING.
Marks will also have totally amazing bodies, and know just how to hold a girl right.

Girl 1: My new boyfriend is SUCH a Mark
Girl 2: OMG. Jealous!

Guy 1:Dude, that new kid is totally a Mark
Guy 2:Yeah man, we should have him over for a game night!

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Mark - slang

Simply the best. Succeeds at everything he sets his mind to. You can try but you will never get the better of him. Also the sexiest person you have ever seen; impossible to get out of your thoughts.

Man that mark is simply the best.

the highest mark


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The greatest guy you'll ever meet. Super sexy and knows how to take care of his lady. A hard nut to crack but once you do he is the sweetest man in the world that you could never give up. Mark is the type of man you would do anything for and wish to spend your life with. He is the epitome of the perfect man: caring, protective, providing, intelligent, fearless, kind, hard working, athletic. A true Mark is hard to find so once you have him, never let him go. Best kisser whose lips make you tingle every time. Fireworks.

You are lucky to find the perfect man, his name is Mark.

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Extreme; too intense for words; incredibly intelligent; works hard and plays even harder; loves deeply; very tender and caring; protective of those he loves; athletic and outdoorsy; SEXY; gifted in bed; will always make you laugh

The only thing missing in my life was Mark.

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the most sexy, erotic, flirtatious, hot stuff, bootylicious 4 letter word you'll ever see. If you spell it backwards, you get kram which according to urban dictionary means smoking weed/ganja/herb; how cool is that! I know you're impressed. If you take the mark out of supermarket, all you're left with is superet and that's pretty stupid cause why would you go out to the superet, it makes no sense. Mark means warlike, especially in bed if ya know what i mean. Its definitely the coolest word/name ever cause if you spell it frontwards and backwards, its different!!!

On your Mark, Get Set, Go!

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