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What is SCOMO?

A person who doesnโ€™t understand the meaning of camaraderie or leadership. One who has no concern in leaving a man behind especially when the going gets tough.

Bazza: What a shit fight of a day! Whereโ€™d the boss go? We coulda used his help aye.

Timmo: Come on Baz, every workplace has a Scomo. The prick went on smoko.

The Scomo: Fuck off boys, how goodโ€™s the cricket!

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SCOMO - what is it?

A person who has set aside the needs of the people they have been elected to represent in order to pursue personal religious convictions and political aspirations.

โ€œHey mate, do you remember that time you, a self-reported Christian, set up illegal prisons to detain human beings seeking political refuge, thereby committing human rights abuses, and then sold it as โ€˜protecting bordersโ€™? That was such a ScoMo move, dude.โ€

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What does "SCOMO" mean?

To shit one's self at Maccas

Feeling crook but went out anyway and ended up Scomoing my pants.
I left a trail of Scomo from the registers to the toilets.

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SCOMO - what does it mean?

When you bugger off from work for a week to avoid a difficult task, but you're so useless nobody notices for the first three days. Then when you're caught out you promise to come straight back to work only for it to take another four days.
Everything goes on as normal without you because you're totally useless anyway.

Jono did a Scomo last week and even his wife didn't miss him until the weekend.

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SCOMO - meaning

When someone tells you they donโ€™t want to shake your hand cause youโ€™re a dickhead so you grab their hand anyway without their consent for a photo op.

To achieve extra bonus points, you walk away from them when they start talking to you and show no compassion.

She told me she didnโ€™t want to shake my hand cause I was a dickhead, but I Scomoโ€™ed her anyway.

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SCOMO - definition

To shake someone's hand without their consent and against their will.

I Scomo'd her. And when you're a Prime Minister they let you do it. Grab 'em by the hand!

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SCOMO - slang

A person who lacks leadership, accepts no responsibility, and takes credit for other people's work.

Nickname of the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison.

It was a total Scomo: we dropped the ball, denied the problem, had no plan, cut the budgets, and stood in the way; but then we grabbed the credit for "getting it done". "SCOMO!"

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When you put yourself up for a job, but can't be fucked doing it.

And you think everyday is bring your wife to work day.

He wanted to be PM, but he's just a Scomo

Who the fuck is Jenny??

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A person in charge who leaves things to others when a difficult or emergency situation arises.

Shit was going really tits up at work this week so I Scomoโ€™d off to a tropical island for some R&R and let someone else sort it out.

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It's a acronym for Scotty cuntface Ostrichfucker maccasshitter overlord or

prime minister Scott Morrison

Jen - "Scotty cuntface Ostrichfucker maccasshitter overlord is a piece of shit, he keeps holding staffers down on lounges for them to be raped"

Pastor Brian Houston- "Thats your husband you can't call him that"
Jen- "I'll just call him SCOMO then pastor"
Pastor Brian Houston-"that's better now suck this"

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