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What is Scomo?

An action lacking in leadership and generally a bad idea

Gonna pull a scomo tonight and leave the hardest job to my coworker.

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Scomo meme gif

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Scomo - what is it?

Australiaโ€™s current prime minister, probably going to be replaced next week

Person 1: who is currently the Prime minister of Australia

Person 2: scomo

Person 1: we will have a new pm next week

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What does "Scomo" mean?

Insidious person with no compassion for other human beings.

You are a absolute scomo!

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Scomo - what does it mean?

Fire retardant cunt

When thereโ€™s fire donโ€™t rely on ScoMo, heโ€™s a fire retardant cunt

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Scomo - meaning

A person who doesnโ€™t understand the meaning of camaraderie or leadership. One who has no concern in leaving a man behind especially when the going gets tough.

Bazza: What a shit fight of a day! Whereโ€™d the boss go? We coulda used his help aye.

Timmo: Come on Baz, every workplace has a Scomo. The prick went on smoko.

The Scomo: Fuck off boys, how goodโ€™s the cricket!

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Scomo - definition

To shit one's self at Maccas

Feeling crook but went out anyway and ended up Scomoing my pants.
I left a trail of Scomo from the registers to the toilets.

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Scomo - slang

When someone tells you they donโ€™t want to shake your hand cause youโ€™re a dickhead so you grab their hand anyway without their consent for a photo op.

To achieve extra bonus points, you walk away from them when they start talking to you and show no compassion.

She told me she didnโ€™t want to shake my hand cause I was a dickhead, but I Scomoโ€™ed her anyway.

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To shake someone's hand without their consent and against their will.

I Scomo'd her. And when you're a Prime Minister they let you do it. Grab 'em by the hand!

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A person who lacks leadership, accepts no responsibility, and takes credit for other people's work.

Nickname of the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison.

It was a total Scomo: we dropped the ball, denied the problem, had no plan, cut the budgets, and stood in the way; but then we grabbed the credit for "getting it done". "SCOMO!"

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A person in charge who leaves things to others when a difficult or emergency situation arises.

Shit was going really tits up at work this week so I Scomoโ€™d off to a tropical island for some R&R and let someone else sort it out.

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