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What is concern?

1. When workload becomes so high that stress gives way to apathy, because the task will never be accomplished, regardless of effort.

2. The days preceding a departure for a new job in another organisation, wherein the individual can no longer be reprimanded for their actions or lack there-of.

1. "I've got so many bookings I know I can't make in time that I just can't bring myself to care anymore. I'm at the point of no concern, to be honest."

2. "I don't think Dave ever bothered to confirm that before he left, because he was at the point of no concern."

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Concern - what is it?

An expression used in PR, especially political, when the person or organization is expected to care about a situation and comment on it, but:

1) They don't actually give a shit, because the situation in question isn't particularly relevant to them, but it is politically imprudent to say that outright.

2) They definitely will not be doing anything about it.

Has become a generic response to any negative situation the person/organization is asked about but cannot or would not actually be concerned at all about.

Reporter: Mr. President, how do you feel about the plight of double amputees in Micronesia?

President: We are deeply concerned for the well being of those brave individuals.

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What does "concern" mean?

Ostensibly it means caring about society. Being concerned about the things that are wrong with society such as increasing violent crime, an increasingly stressed health service, the marginalisation of the disadvantaged members of society, the list is pretty much endless; those who are truly socially concerned then try to do something about it. Unfortunately as in the case of the chattering classes the socially concerned individuals only pay lip-service to whatever cause is fashionable and they do sfa.

Most so-called socially concerned just talk about the latest fashionable cause, they don’t actually do anything to help.

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Concern - what does it mean?

Adj. Used to describe someone who is full of concern. One who often takes others into consideration. They are concerned of how others are feeling at all times.

Sean- "I was debating transferring, depending on your consent."

Kelsey- "I appreciate your concern about my feelings."

Sean- "I am a concernful person."

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Concern - meaning

posh term describing with much sarcasm tha you couldn't care less originated in
stimulating conversation.

"wat time u pickin up that chik"

"ha that item i'm concerned"

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Concern - definition

Concerning- used as an adjective as opposed to a verb or a phrase as in "of concern". (Used by new age morons that have no real applied usage if sentence construction.)

"It is concerningthat we don't pay attention to actually learning grammar in school these days."

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Concern - slang

An internet message board species, who has very little in the way of education and hardly any thought control. This species is a rarity that is subject to scientific behavioural problems.

Humans are advised to pleasure such a species with humour and sarcasm, as facts and honesty are not absorbed by this concerned species.

If you happen to meet the species concerned away from an internet message board, then I do declare that be a miracle.

Praise be the Gospel according to Concerned, chapter XIV, verse 3 and a quarter.

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A Half-Life 2 comic based on the events of Half-Life 2. It began Sunday, May 1st, 2005 by Chris Livingston. The main character is Gordon Frohman, based off of Gordon Freeman.

Gangsta 1: Damn bitch I heard about this site called
Gangsta 2: The fuck it called?
Gangsta 1:HLCOMIC! its about this really stupid person named Gordon Frohman and there's tons of comics.
Gangsta 2:Damn bitch why didn't you tell me that before.
Gangsta 1: Well sometimes i call it concerned but who give a shiznit homie?
Gangta 1: Damn bitch I did now move out muh way homie.

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An adults self righteous excuse to tattle tale.

Concerned Parent- "Mrs. Smith, I was just so concerned about the pot that I saw him smoking. So I just thought I would do the Right thing!"

Mrs. Smith- "Thank you so much, I will ground my son as soon as he gets home!"

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Traditional definition: involving or referencing something or someone.

Current definition: to be a cause for concern.

Traditional: Myra and her mom had a discussion concerning her grades at school.

Current: Myra's low grades are concerning. She'd better talk to her mom about getting a tutor.

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