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What is Prime Minister?

To use the bathroom

"C'mon rigby, we got to find a way out of here!

"Wait a sec mordecai, i'm punching the prime minister...."

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Prime Minister - what is it?

Aussie slang for jerking off

dude 1: oi mate can I come into ya bloody dunny? I need to punch the prime minister
dude 2: nah mate, I'm punching the prime minister

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What does "Prime Minister" mean?

A Christmas game in which wooden clogs are filled with human excrement and hidden around the house.

Once we finish opening stockings, let's see how long it takes us to play a round of Dutch Prime Minister!

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Prime Minister - what does it mean?

A Canadian sex act performed on a man, referred to as the "Prime Minister." The man's partner covers the Prime Minister's penis in maple syrup and Pop Rocks prior to performing fellatio on him.

Robin: "Do you have any Pop Rocks?"
Ted: "No, why?"
Robin: "Have you ever heard of a Salty Prime Minister?"
Ted: "No..."
Robin: "Nevermind."

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Prime Minister - meaning

Australian slang for to go to the bathroom.

"I'm going to punch the prime minister!"
"I'm not done punching the prime minister!"

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Prime Minister - definition

Chief minister and leader of the government in political systems based on the Westminster system.
In many systems it is a pre-requisite to nomination to demonstrate an ability to suck up, suck cock, and have a penchant for sadism

"Clean wax and polish as you dust with the Prime Minister's cabinet"

"The Prime Minister - Leaves your surfaces fresh and clean"

"Helen Clarke has the biggest balls I've ever seen on a Prime Minister"

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