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What is Elizabeth?

This name was given to the most beautiful girl in the world. She has an amazing smile and a breathtaking set of eyes. She is a kind, intelligent, unique, interesting and an unbelievably gorgeous girl. Elizabeth is the girl that you would go to the other side of the world for. Elizabeth will always make you smile and will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Just seeing her is enough to make you happy.


Elizabeth has made a huge difference in my life.

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Elizabeth - what is it?

A girl that is sweet as 3.14 (Pi)!
Small and cute, but can be bossy and stubborn some times.
So smart and sharp like a blade
Because she has a very high GPA.
Very adorable and tiny
Just like a penny....
Just kidding about the penny
Because she is very pretty!
A kiss from her will make you live longer
And a hug from her will make you look younger

O! It's Elizabeth! So cute!

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What does "Elizabeth" mean?

The best girl in the world. She has little friends but is ok with that. She is wild when she is around her real friends and more quite when she is around the people she does hang out with. She is one of the most loving person in the world. She loves to help people too.

Elizabeth- Sara want to come over to my house
Sara- I would love to Elizabeth your my best friend

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Elizabeth - what does it mean?

Elizabeth's are overall the best women out there. They always seem to be smart, funny, exceptionally beautiful, happy, someone who when she enters the room everyone will notice her. Some Elizabeth's may come from a "bad house" or were raised with one not so great parent but if they get past this they can overcome anything! Elizabeth's are the greatest friends possible they will support you when needed, worry for you when things aren't alright, and will always make you smile. Elizabeth's make the best of Bae's because they will always be there for you, to check how your life is, and to assist you in anyway possible. Elizabeth's will often have scars on her legs because of how daring and open to challenges and new things. Elizabeth's will often not have many friends, because she is far too hot for any girl to not be jealous of her, her main choice in friends is males because they aren't jealous of her. Elizabeth's will always be getting put down by girls so actually listen to what she has to say and try to help in anyway possibles even if you can do nothing she will thank you for it an love you more. She may have trust problems but after chatting for about two years she'll be an open book. Elizabeth's are short with big boobs not the biggest butt, but a nice looking booty none the less they also have beautiful hair. She may be an elegant woman but don't let that misdirect you! She's still a goof and a nerd some show it others will burry it down.

"Elizabeth is so hot! Holly damn!"

"She's such a bitch! How does she look better than me!!!"

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Elizabeth - meaning

Elizabeth is what we call a "bubbly" person, she lets out this amazing vibe. Sometimes Elizabeth can be a little bit of a "blonde" at some situations but that just makes her 100% even more cuter. Elizabeth has an amazing personality to meet, anyone could get along with this person. Her jokes are just the cutest things out! Her jokes will make your day any day, and will put a ridiculously fat smile on your face. In summary Elizabeth is a cool person.

Jacob: Hey isn't that Elizabeth?
Ethan: Yeah! shes a friend at school! shes just amazing at everything she does!

Jacob: WOW, she sounds like a really good person to meet!
Ethan: yeah, shes the best!

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Elizabeth - definition

Elizabeth, the E is for Elegant, the L is for Loving, the I is for Intelligent, the Z is for Zebra, the A is for Amazing, the B is for Beautiful, the E is for Extraordinary, the T is for Trustworthy and the H is for Humorous. Elegant, Loving, Intelligent, Zebra, Amazing, Beautiful, Extraordinary, Trustworthy and Humorous. Sounds like an Elizabeth Anastasi to me.

BillGates: Bro, you know that Elizabeth girl, she has one beautiful face.
Jacob: Bro?! thats my sister!
*Bill gets a punch in the face*

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Elizabeth - slang

Beautiful, sweet, amazing, innocent, caring person you will ever meet. Caring about others all the time, and if something goes wrong she's always by your side. A very powerful woman, but can sometimes doubt herself. She is always loyal and has a good edge to her, and a good humor at that. Outstanding girl, beautiful inside and out. :)

I just love elizabeth so much, she's so great.

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Elizabeth is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She has had sadness in her soul for as long as she can remember, so it's sometimes hard for her to recognize the great warmth in her heart but it's there. She will always underestimate just how incredibly amazing she is. Its hard not to fall in love with someone so beautiful inside and out.

I couldn't imagine my life without elizabeth.

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1. a member of the human species with the biggest heart out of all of the rest. Kind to all. Smart but doesn't think so. So funny that one can make anyone laugh. Extremely beautiful because of physicality along with inward aspects. A wise ass in the best way possible. Talented in more ways then anyone can count. Non judgmental and makes the best friend. If you are lucky to be in a relationship with one you better treat them wonderful and hold on to them because they are not easily found.

2. The most wonderful and beautiful human being ever created.

You can tell by how she helped that stranger she's an Elizabeth.

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The most beautiful spectacular, gorgeous, cute, incredible, breathtaking, wonderful, pretty, adorable, and most importantly cutifulazing girl ever.There isn't a person in the world that doesn't enjoy talking to her. she is nice yet very honest. She will tell it like it is. Very inellegent and active. She takes every word she says into great thought. She Makes everyone laugh but sometimes they are laughing at her. She is very careful with her actions but approaches them in a careless manner. She is extermely talented. Loves her close friends and family so much she would lay her life down for them. And when she sets her mind to something there is no going back. She is confident in her skin and has self respect for herself which makes guys admire her even more. She would never let a guy get in the way of her education. She is strong and able to live with no man. She is headstrong, and good with tools. As for guys they all love her but none have the courage to ask her out. she always sets her mind on one guy and that one guy only and she will stop at nothing to make her hers. She is sucessful in anything she does and does it with pride. in the end she is a beautiful, smart, sweet, determined girl that everyone is friends with.

*(guy) I wish I had an Elizabeth

* (guy) look at that Elizabeth

* Guy: thats one fine elizabeth
Girl: I wish I was an Elizabeth

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