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What is edge?

A rude immature person. One who lacks respect for authority. A rule breaker.

That jerk is so edge. He thinks the rules don't apply to him.

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Edge - what is it?

To be a bupgot, nerd, and fucker all in one package.Β He has no friends in real life and spends all his time online having cyber.

When Edge saw Yello_Dello, he started to orgasm.

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What does "edge" mean?

adjective. used to describe something that is cool, or cutting edge.

that new CD was totally edge!

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Edge - what does it mean?

Short for sXe (straightedge)

Stoner:"Hey man, you wanna hit this bong?"

sXe: "No way. I'm so edge. No drugs, or alcohol."

Stoner: "Alright man, thats chill."

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Edge - meaning

An anti-social person with no real friends, only online acquaintances. He pretends to possess the knowledge to "hack" but in reality can barely run a computer. He is obsessed with Macs, even though he runs on Windows. He has zero self-confidence, but hides that fact through a combination of bravado, arrogance, and just plain meanness.

That guy is so edge, nobody believes his BS.

That guy is edge. Nobody likes him.

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Edge - definition

Something real, something that makes people stare and not blink.

1.Your system never crushes.....

2.oh boy, this one right here is the edge!

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Edge - slang

one who wears "X's" on both of their hands, to signify that one neither drinks nor smokes. Started in California, where we’ve got more bounce, it’s used as an unspoken message to people in a club, specifically nightclubs. As to say: β€œHey! I’m β€˜clean’ & 'edge' so I don’t drink or do X… so don’t offer.”

1.) Boy #1: (holding up a 6 pack) Hey bro, you chill?
Boy #2: Naw, I’m edge. (holds up hands with "X's" on them) But thanks.

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1)An WWE Canadian Superstar named Adam Copeland. He debuted in 1998 as a mysterious gothic loner gimmick. He soon became a surfer-like gimmick making up words like chumpstain, awesomeness & hanonsity. His former partner/"brother" Christian is his real-life best friend. Most notibly known for "stealing" Lita away from Matt Freakin' Hardy.

2) Short for sXe/straightedge.

3) To steal someone's girlfriend while he is in a relationship like Adam Copeland & Amy Dumas did to Matt Hardy & Lisa Copeland in early 2005.

4) An advantage.

5) The end.

1) Edge still has the WWE title shot that he can use until WrestleMania XXII

2) CM Punk is an example of someone who is edge

3) Man, I can't believe Suzy edged me for John.

4) When it comes to mat-wrestling Bret Hart will always have the edge.

5) I am standing at the edge of the cliff and I am ready to jump.

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From gay scene, involves actions and techniques that get you close to orgasm and hold it "at the edge" for a long time (even hours). At that point, you either have a very intense orgasm, or else you might even choose not to have it at all and just save it for another day. Saying that your into edging implies that you want to participate in a lengthy, intense, sex-play scene.

Seen a lot in personal ads as either "edging" or else someone will use the word "edge" as if it were a verb.

"GWM, 24, into edging..." (or)
"GWM, 24, loves to edge, seeks..."

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To edge is a masturbation technique (used mostly, but not exclusively by men) where you intentionally bring yourself to the brink (edge) of orgasm- but don't cum. Instead you stop and let the pleasurable feelings die down. You repeat this process of bringing yourself to the edge as many times as you wish. Although an orgasm is a 10 on the pleasure scale, the intense pleasure you feel while getting close to the edge is a 9... so by starting and stopping just before you cum you keep yourself feeling intense pleasure for as long as you wish, or until you orgasm, or your hard on goes limp. A sex partner can also edge you- usually by hand or orally.

I kept myself on the edge for an hour last night until I couldn't stand it any longer and had to cum.

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