Definder - what does the word mean?

What is cuter?

someone that is extremely cute, imagine if bugs had ears how cute they would be.

That girl over there is cuter than a bug's ear

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Cuter - what is it?

someone who is just like everyone else.
someone who seems as though they were shaped with a cookie cuter into every other fake teenage girl with straight hair and hollister sweatshirts.

i hate cookie cuters, id prefer someone with a personality.

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What does "cuter" mean?

Cute and cuter together.


your cuterer, Tanisha!"

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Cuter - what does it mean?

The definition of cuter is something that is more cute than what is previously stated

Wow Ava is so much fucking cuter than Alex.
Who’s cuter, puppies or Ava?
Ava you’re cuter shut the fuck up.

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Cuter - meaning

Another word for cute used in group chats with the lads.

"Ohh, that's so cuter"
"I know bro"

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Cuter - definition


Girl: Who do you think is cuter, Niccy or Matthew?

Boy: Matthew

Girl: Gayy..

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Cuter - slang

something that is too cute to be called cute

yeah, and i call her baby
aww thats so cuters

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When something is more cute than something else cute

Grace says that Nick is cuter than her, but that is not true.

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another way to say more cute

Taylor is cuter than James(;

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Jen! She is cuttest person in the world! No one can be cuter than she is!


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