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What is the Dave Chappelle?

Quite possibly the funniest man alive right now.

GGGG get yo ass in the car!

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The Dave Chappelle - what is it?

the greatest comedian who busted on r. kelly with his skit i wanna piss on you on his show on comedy central

haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, i don't even want none of the above i want to piss on u.
yes i do, i'll piss on u i'll pee on u.

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What does "the Dave Chappelle" mean?

the Greatest Guy Ever, and the funniest man Alive

Plays tyrone Biggums, the crack addict

he sold our house and had a 450,000 crack party

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The Dave Chappelle - what does it mean?

Dave Chappelle is a hilarious comedian. My dad hates his profanity and disrespect but me and my brotha love him. He is my favrite is when Lil' Jon got Oprah pregnant.

"I'm Rick James, bitch...What did the five fingers say to the face 'SLAP!'" Dave Chappelle

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The Dave Chappelle - meaning

A comedian with great material and an unbelieveable voice to deliver it

Dave Chappelle funniest sketch was "Black Bush" "THE NIGGA TRIED TO KILL MY FATHER!"

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The Dave Chappelle - definition

Dave is the God of comedy. Do you know why? Cuz he's from the streets bitch!

"Man white people are gonna freakout when they find out what skeet means. And when they do it will be like:
Oh my god what have we done"

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The Dave Chappelle - slang

A comic genius who is admired by many but only appreciated by few. Many people only find his shallow humor funny and are blown away by some of the most clever and critical jokes he creates.

People who only talk about the Second Season of Chappelle's Show or people that only recognized his talents after the airing of the aforementioned show.

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The Dave Chappelle

One of the funniest man alive. A gennous in comedy.
He had a show called "Chappelle's Show" in which he made 2 seasons. He had a third seasosn of previously cancelled episodes called the "Lost Episodes". All three seasons are on DVD. But it, its a must.

Billy: Dave, I dont feel so good, could you call the nurse?
Dave CHappelle: Sure Billy, whats wrong? are you alright?
Dave Chappelle calling the nurse: Nurse could you come in here quickly please? Billy is getting his ass whipped in street ball and I need a witness.

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The Dave Chappelle

An incredibly funny comedian who hosts his own show on Comedy Central. Even though his humor caters more towards urban Black-Americans, the sheer talent of Dave, and his wide variety of sketches makes his show well worth it for anyone to watch.

Next, on the Dave Chappelle Show, we focus on the days when "Keepin' It Real" goes horribly wrong.

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The Dave Chappelle

The Dave Chappelle is a drinking game that involves having the following:

2 shots of Jäger
Tequila (min. 1 shot)
4 bong hits man
Beer (min. 1)

It is to be done in this order and under 15 minutes.

Remember Frank's last weekend? EZ was fucking smashed man! He did The Dave Chappelle and felt "fucking great!"

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