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What is right now?

Saying someone is ridiculously goodlooking, that you cannot believe the high ranking on the attractivness scale this person/item/song/etc has been able to achieve.

Sean Capri is so hot right now!

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Right now - what is it?

an angry ass phrase you yell when you want someone to do something RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
the sentence prior must have contained right now
originated from the Need For Speed: Heat trailer, and made popular by it's comment section

friend: hey i need you to get these papers right now

me: its fuck-you friday bud, fuck you.


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What does "right now" mean?

that meme with the blue piranha plant from mario. basically, this is used when you hear news about something and you better hope this bitch ain't kidding.

also, these are usually combined with those time traveler memes on TikTok.

(this is not my original meme)

me: ughh fortnite sucks

time traveler: wait hold up 1 or 2?


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Right now - what does it mean?

A term for getting high - A term you can use to tell your friends during public events or even in front of teachers that you are high.

Hunter: Dude are you here right now?
Me: Naw man I'm Soooo not here right now

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Right now - meaning

All girls must have a "Mr.Right Now". This is the guy friend who is always ready and available to hang out with you, and may or may not like you as more than a friend. He is always ready to party till dawn, and do things you wish you didn't remember in the morning. He's not “Mr. Right,” but he may be good enough to be “Mr. Right Now.”

girl: my boyfriend just left me can we hang out
Mr. Right Now: sure, anytime.

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Right now - definition

Mexican way of saying "right now", with an adverb thrown in for no apparent reason. "Barely" is used often among hispanics in this totally random, nonsensical way. "Hardly" sometimes replaces barely.

"When is Sancho coming over?" "Barely right now."

"I barely told you to go to Walmart, Papi"

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Right now - slang

In a little bit, not quite immediately but shortly following

Yea I’ll be there right now right now, I’m alreasy on my way.

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Right now

When something is new and exciting and is the shit at this point and time...

Barry: Yo, did you hear that new Drake single?

Mike: Yeah, that shit is "the right now"!!

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Right now

mostly written by gretchen, TO THE RIGHT NOW is where h0b0s come and celebrate. mainly it’s EPiK, gretchen, Sophia, and riri who talk bevause marre and everyone else have left us for a real life in the OUTSIDE WORLD. Sophia makes random calls and makes fun of her dog (as a joke ofc). she cannot find her iPad currently and is dying. gretchen is a big h0b0 who LOOOOOOVESSSSSSS POKE. EPiK is an UKian who enjoys staying up till like 5am talking to us Americans! (EPiK and Sophia are TAKEN, please see SophiaXEpik). riri is a gURL who is in LOVE with Theodore. they even went on a couple of DATES! she is basically Mariah Carey but sings MUCH better! all she wants for Christmas is you (only if teddy is reading this). marre is a boy who has no life and loves spending his time on a ROBLOX game, Moonlight’s! (ew) (he’s taken by Jennha, so no hitting him up, gals!) Poke is the president there, everyone else has history there. JOJO SIWAAAA WONT LET THE HATERS GET THEIR WAY, IMMA COME BACK LIKE A BOOMERANGGGGG. all the members; EPiK, gretchen, Sophia, riri, Poke, Hannah, marre(ll), Mina, Lily, and gISELE. Gretchen, Marrell and RieRie (Riri) just LOVE to torture Epik and Sophia. This is an S.O.S from Sophia, PLEASE SEND HELP to our holy Discord group chat. We also have GretchxPoke, the lovely sex partners! ;)))) This chat is too weird for you, go away.

TO THE RIGHT NOW is superficial and terrific!!!!!
*Oh look, TO THE RIGHT NOW, is amazing! I wanna be JUST LIKE THEM WHEN I GROW UP!*

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Right now

1. Just then
2. Before that
3. A little while ago

Right now went that way. Apparently you missed it.

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