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What is swallows?

The Swallow Is the Bird most sought after for its great pleasure

All men Love A Good Swallow

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Swallows - what is it?

after a blowjob, swallowing the semen that ejaculates out of the penis

Yo man i heard that girlie swallowed after sucking her man.

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What does "swallows" mean?

Able to be swallowed.

Those pills, *points to pills* are swallowable

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Swallows - what does it mean?

When the taste of a man's sperm is not objectionable. Usually refering to oral sex and the decision to swallow or spit after cim.

Dave tried to convince his date that not only was his sperm swallowable, but that most girls just loved the taste of his cum.

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When a woman (or gay man) gives a blowjob to another man and then swallows the cum from the man receiving the blowjob down the throat. In other words, after giving head, you can extremely satisfy the man by swallowing.

I got the best blowjob when the chick sucking me swallowed.

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1. A bird, but who cares about a bird?
2. What women should do instead of spitting. In the mouth and down the throat. Anywhere else is unacceptable. No snow balling either. Your woman and all woman should accept the gift with a smile and open mouth. She shall lick it clean. She should then ask for seconds. She will respond when she's finished with: "Please suh, could I have sum more?

Before I sleep with you, I have one question. Spit or swallow?

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One who allows ejaculation into the mouth and proceeds to swallow the load.

Janie sucked my dick something proper last night, and hell yeah, when I came, she was a swallower.

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The process of passing through the throat, then the esophagus, of different forms of nutriments and not only.

A. From a non-sexual perspective, we swallow on daily basis food, drinks and our own saliva. When in need we also swallow pills or other forms of medicine. Accidentally different objects may end up being swallowed as well (particular high risk for small children).

B. From a sexual perspective, it has two meanings:

1. Swallowing male/female cum (in general), however mainly referring to sperm. Sperm swallowing is a touchy issue, especially in hetero couples. Men see it as a proof of love - and can be hurt or unsatisfied if she spits it out. Most women however have a hard time adjusting to the taste (often quite bitter). But that's maybe one of the very reasons why men appreciate women who swallow: "Her love for me and/or craving for my seed is stronger than whatever taste it might have".

2. Allowing the head of the penis penetrate the throat during oral sex. Also known as deep-throating, the act requires lots of practice before it can be achieved. While cum swallowing is considered an act of love, deep-throating is mainly regarded as sexual performance.

A. Swallowing frequently or yawning during aircraft takeoff and descent may help to equalize the pressure and therefore clear the ear.

B.1. "- What makes her so special?"
"- Not only does she swallow, but she swallows without making a face or anything. She even moans and looks up at me with happiness & love in her eyes. It melts my heart and gives me the greatest orgasms. I feel I'm the luckiest guy on Earth."

B.2. "Wow! I knew she was good, but when I saw the whole thing disappearing in her mouth, with like half of my 9" shaft swallowed down her throat, I was in total awe and divine happiness in the same time."

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A woman who ingests semen.

Also means shes a keeper.

If I had to pick between the three girls, even if 1 was ugly and swallowed.
I'd still pick the ugly girl.Yup I'd keep the swallower. I mean hell you don't have to look at her face, all you see is the top of her head anyway.

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When something is awful beyond sucking (as in the word sucks isn't powerful enough to describe how bad it was) then the item or action in question swallows.

Person A : Man, BattleField Earth sucked hard.
Person B: It was beyond sucking, it swallowed.
Person C: Yes, sticking forks in my eyes for half an hour would've been more enjoyable.

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