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What is similarity?

The frustration felt when typing a text message on a mobile phone with the predictive text feature turned on and it *always* entering the wrong word.

'My dog has gone to a good home', turns into 'My dog has good to a good good'.

'Arsenal have a game in hand', turns into 'Arsenal have a game in game'.

These are both simple examples of mobilion similarity syndrome and lead to great frustration.

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Similarity - what is it?

Simililar Style Salutations - When you see someone wearing the same attire and you give them a compliment about it. This friendly confrontation usually resolves in both subjects in good spirits.

Guy wearing American Apparel sweater - "Nice sweater"
Responsive Fellow (wearing same sweater) - "Why thank you- Oh my it appears we both have the same sweater! What a jubilant cooinkydink! Similar Style Salutations to your choice of garment too!"

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What does "similarity" mean?

The art of re-phrasing text or re-naming common objects by changing the words and components of words to synonyms or antonyms.

according to the rules of similar nomenclature Microsoft become Macrohard, ETC

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Similarity - what does it mean?

Someone who is constantly told they look like a famous person, but in reality only moderately resemble them.

"Oh my goodness, you and Woody Harrelson are total "look-similars!"

"Thank you"

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When two things are somewhere between exactly the same and somewhat similar.

Damn I think we paid them twice by mistake.. look these two amounts are exactly similar!

Those twins look exactly similar

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1: Two words or more that sound the same but have completely different meanings.

2: A remark meaning that one person has the same thoughts/feelings as the other.

1: Base-an easily aquired drug if you go to the right places and don't get caught. Druggie:That is some good base, man...
Bass-lower frequency of sound. DJ: Turn that bass up and get dem beats pumpin'...

2:#1-Hey man, i'm broke till friday, could yeh lend us a tenner?
#2-Similar spellings dude, i'm brassic too.

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Self similarity refer to fractal structures in nature known as Mandelbrot's fractal geometry.If one observe a coliflower,one can see the whole structure and a branch of it looks similar but differ only in scale. That is why any fractal structures were being able to create many smallar fractal strucuture.

Self-similarity: Coliflower,forest,crowd of people or flock of birds,chaos,clouds,blood vessels

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Relating to a past contextual non-identical resemblance of one point of conversation to another.

Xavier: "I can't believe some of the top American homed companies are still developing their products overseas."

Johnny: "Just think, there are a few thousand American citizens we could use to fulfill those positions. Of course not cheaply; nonetheless, giving employment opportunities and stimulating the economy somewhat."

... (later on in the conversation) ...

Xavier: "From the public's eye, you perceptually look bad when you outsource. Plus as you SIMILARIZED, it screws innocent Americans out of jobs!"

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alike but not identical

titties would be weird if one was not similar to the other

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When someone's face looks so much like his asshole that his intestines don't know which way to pump the shit.

Dude, you got a bad case of similarity!

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