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What is identical?



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Identical - what is it?

Utilizing pride in identities to create a sense of uniqueness, belonging, recognition and raise awareness. Often, each group prioritizes the concerns of the group over the whole in an effort to give equal liberties to minorities. Identity politics offsets the gap in a democracy where every man is created equal, but the majority rules.

It's good in the sense that it creates communities, bad that it overlooks where identities overlap or cross.

The identity can be anything. Examples include age, religion, social class, profession, culture, race or ethnicity, health diagnosis, disability, education, sex, gender identity, occupation, sexual orientation, veteran status...

Because the identity can be anything, the concept of Identity Politics gets used and misused with varying definitions in different contexts. In 2018 -2019, it seems to be a term white people throw around to deflate the issues and struggles exclusive to people of color, and as a result, an attempt to diminish the power and purpose of identity politics making this word, in of itself, taboo to use.

In another context, identity politics can mean that people put more emphasis on the identity of the group over the betterment of it. It usually entails the notion of ostracizing people because their belief or opinion slightly veered from the majority of that minority's belief or opinion.

I am so sick of identity politics. The issues you raise for black people are issues all people face. I don't feel privileged being a white man probably because my belief in white superiority just masks my feelings of inferiority.

Just because I am a black man who identifies as a black man doesn't mean I have to support the identity politics behind being a black man. I know the struggles of my people, but I would rather become affiliated with the very people who marginalize my people to show them what a black man is. And a black man isn't a victim. A black man isn't complaining about the unfairness of a life we all admit is unfair. A black man built this country. A black man can run it.

I think people form identities around their politics. They fit the box too perfectly. They blindly accept these principles because it's not a belief system to them. It's an identity. It's playing dress up, "I'm a republican, so obviously I'm an intelligent, practical rich person. I'm going to take that left hand turn in my expensive truck with a serious face because I'm a serious republican, " versus, "I'm a liberal, so obviously I'm a caring compassionate person. Fuck you if you disagree! I hope you die and burn in eternal flames. I'm standing up for the meek here. I'm a compassionate democrat. Mother Theresa Smirk>" This is the new identity politics. At its finest. Where it's about being someone more than helping anyone.

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What does "identical" mean?

not a joke

“identity theft is not a joke jim

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Identical - what does it mean?

Identicated is a cross between Identified and identicated. This word only tends to be used by people who are same heads or slow of learning. Also see Retard

if only id would have identicated the problem earlier

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A new game show that's going to be hosted by Penn from Penn and Teller. The premise of the game involves a person trying to match descriptions and occupations to somebody in group of 12 people solely based on looks. Top prize is $500,000 if you match all 12 successfully.

Penn: Welcome to Identity. Alright John, you'll win $250,000 if you can pick the person out of these three choices that is the crack whore!

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A form of identifying women by their tits.

Lady with nice breasts - Hello, I'm with police and I have a warrant to search your house.
The guy - Aight, but first let me see some identities!

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The state of being as similar as something else to the point of seeming equal.

The "identicality" of the two frogs was unmistakable.

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A British based bicycle company who specialize in dirt jumping bikes.

Man this Identiti is the tittings, I just pulled a backflip 1 footer x-up!

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Something that describes an individual entity by it's properties.

Humans can identify themselves with a birth name.

E.g.-"My mother named me Mistake, now I have an identity."

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Very same;exactly same;have the same property

Those phones look so identical

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