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What is bad?

a lot, much

"i love you so bad!"
"i want that so bad!"

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Bad - what is it?

A female who is extremely attractive, usually thick with a fleeky style and makeup.

"Damnnnn did you see Tiffany today? She lookin bad!"

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What does "bad" mean?

When you see a very good looking female.

"That girl is bad!"

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Bad - what does it mean?

Describing a female/male appearance in a good way. Bad meaning you have a great body and it's fit. It's used to replace words like sexy and fine.

sam: wussup cuzin
fy: nuttin
a female walks by
sam: damnn she's bad
fy :girl you bad

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adjective used to describe a trendy woman.
Good looking or attractive
Envied and wanted by many

I can't go to the club without a man/woman tellin me how bad i am.

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Adj. A term used to describe a person(usually female) that looks extremely good.

Er'body know dat my chic bad

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dope, good, tight

This car is bad!

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describes a girl that is sexy and you wanna fuck her.

Did you kick it with Tiff today?


Fasho..She's bad!!

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What Michael Jackson told us he was all along.

"You know I'm bad. I'm bad. You know it. Shum-on."

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someone who is sexy beyond mean

dam she hella bad.

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