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What is oh DEAR?

When an outlaw biker exclaimes excitement or disbelief.

When that hot chick showed her tits, LIGHTENING, eclamimed, " oh fuck oh dear" there is those tittayes!

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Oh DEAR - what is it?

something you say when you experience something or see something so unbelievably unbelieavble

oh dear god he's dressed like a pink bunny for halloween

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What does "oh DEAR" mean?

Similar to oh noes but is better in some situations, good to be used in reply to oh noes.

"Oh noes, my pubes got stuck to my girlfriends tongue-ring"
"Oh dears"

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Oh DEAR - what does it mean?

the best reply when you hear something bad happening to your loved one's loved one, meaning "I can feel your pain".

Best Friend A: My dog died yesterday...
Best Friend B: Oh dear...

Best Friend A: My mum just had an accident.
Best Friend B: Oh dear...what happened?

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sarcastic response when something trivial has happened, which is taken very badly and seriously by someone

perp1: I'm devastated! Pentominoes have just stopped making may favourite pizza.
perp2: oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

joe1: I've just spilled oil on my favourite jeans and ruined them!. I'll never get another pair like that
joe2: oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

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Phrase used by the elderly when sugar-honey-ice-tea happens.

Oh Dear! That retard just fell!

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a more formal and less rude way of saying "buggar" or "bollocks" or even "mother fucker" i could go on all day in fact...shit,fuck,arse,cunt,dick sucking rat stop now
oh dear

Freddy: Fuck theres a penis worm crawling out of my arsehole
Shelly: That can't be right they only come out your penis
Freddy: Oh Dear
Shelly: Dear Oh Dear
Freddy: Dear Oh Fucking Dear Oh Dear

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a surprised comment

human 1 : the dog peed on the rug

human 2 : oh dear

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'Oh Dear' is a way of saying 'Oh no' in a more sarcastic and funny way

*building explodes*
Amy- Oh Dear

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1. an expresion of suprise.
2. a response to a past suprising situation/coment/action/happening.
3. a conversation scapegoat.
4. a sarcastic reponse.
5. see oh my
6. see jonathan costa
7. an old person term.

Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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