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What is sarcastic?

someone that is "weird"or "strange" but not in a normal weird way.I mean when you say that person is sarcastic is because its undefined,they say they like something they dont really like and they just behave in weird manners.

diego says he is a punk but he likes metal.
noone does cause he is sooo sarcastic.

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Sarcastic - what is it?

ooooh yeees, you don't know what sarcastic means, DO YOU.


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What does "sarcastic" mean?

Saying false things in an insulting way.

"OK, surrrre you're the President."

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Sarcastic - what does it mean?

a disdainful remark with the intentions of insulting someone

I hate when you ask someone a question they give you sarcastic reply.

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funny in a dickish kind of way.

harrison ford played han solo and indiana jones as sarcastic characters.

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Venting your rage without the trouble of having to slug the asshole in the face.

Example of sarcasm:
My ears are actually bleeding as a result of listening to your music.

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The act of being syrupy sweet and condescending to someone that is extrememly pissed off, usually resulting in the person getting even more pissed off. Useful when working in retail.

The more pissed off she got at me, the more sarcastic I got with her.

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1. My absolute favorite kind of comeback for any type of insult.

2. Saying the exact opposite of what you really mean, to show emphasis.

1. Person : Hey, what did you get on that biology test? I bet i got higher!
Me : You sure you wanna make that claim when your score's an 85?
Person : Whatever dude, you just wish you could be me.
Me (being sarcastic): Yeah, I'd just love to never have another girl hit on me as long as i live.

2. Mom : Here's your arranged marriage son, Isn't she pretty?
Son (being sarcastic): Yeah! Why dont you go pick up the ugliest hog on the streets and I'll marry THAT.

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No many people understand sarcastic people, because we are too smart to be understood. Oh, com'n be honest! But we really love you!!! We do, I'm not being sarcastic!

-Sarcastic: This website is so cool!
oops! :P

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an adjective, describing a type of humor. People who are sarcastic usually annoy the hell out of everyone who cant get their jokes. They also piss people off by going too far and accidentaly offending them.

SarcasticIronic: Oh SURE, because we all know how UNIQUE and SINGULAR you are!

Thuthpenthe: STFU, why do you always have to be so sarcastic?

SarcasticIronic: I love you :(

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