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What is happens?

Of Northern Ontario origin. Meant to indicate an intent to complete some activity. Derived loosely from "make it happen"

A. Can someone get me another beer?
B. I can happen that

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Happens - what is it?

A thing that is able to happen.

He said it will never happen. Buy i believe it's very happenable.

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What does "happens" mean?

feasible, probable

"Do you think we'll win today?"
"That's happenable."

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Happens - what does it mean?

Modern hippy hipster types who actually accomplish tasks of great magnitude and worth. A happener, much like our modern definition of a hipster, does have certain interests in counter culture lifestyle and the various accouterments that go along with such. The marked difference between a hipster (being frankly the modern version of the hippie or renaissance person), is that happeners are always involved in some great events. Happeners are the hero's of the universe. May statues be built in their honor.

Did you see how intensely that woman back there was involved with her artwork, she was a total happener.

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For something to become real, typically an event. Often used in phrases of the form "What happened to (noun phrase)?", or "Would you happen to know (something)?"

"I was totally fine until this whole mess happened."
or "Then what happened to the money?!?"
or "Do you happen to have to time?"

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An abbreviation for "that just happened," used to emphasize someone's wrongdoings or to point out a ridiculous event that simply cannot be overlooked.

"Oh my god, that girl just threw up all over that kids shirt."

"Dude, about last night."

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the verb in the idiom "something to happen (to a person)"

meaning "(of a person) to experience death or some other misfortune; a euphemism"

If something were to happen to my husband, how would we make ends meet?

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/ˈhæpən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation hap-uhn
–verb (used without object)

to ejaculate; to cum;jizz.

Jordan: "I was taking a stroll in the park when I happened upon this girl."
Chris: "You win."

In exclamation:
Tyler: "That just happened!"

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When something happens, avoidable or not. The act of something being justified without any further explanation.

Maks: why you about to smoke to skitz to be out at the pumps?
Mike turkey: Happens. Yo can u toss me a couple of dollars I can't run Wendy's.

Mike turkey:Jack Daniels black label? Jack daniels, jack Daniels. That cool?
Keenan: mmm yeah happens.

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a word typically used to discribe something that happened, the word tends to describe something that negitive but can also work in a positive situation

1.your friend just got dumped by his girlfriend, appropriate response "happens." just lost the winning soccer goal"happens."

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